Golden Retriever Raised With Stuffed Animal And Refuses To Go Anywhere Without It

May 01, 2021 by apost team

A golden retriever and his fluffy friend have been capturing hearts all over the world with their sweet friendship. Barley, a 2-year-old golden retriever, takes his stuffed animal named Fluffy everywhere with him. Whether it’s a simple strut around the dog’s house in the Netherlands or for an adventure outside, Barley and Fluffy are inseparable. A video of the two from July 2019 has recently been going viral thanks to the love and support from the duo’s fans — as well as plenty of other happy viewers.

Barley grew up with a trusty toy that looks just like him and has been taking it everywhere with him since he was just a puppy. The dog and his toy have received great attention over the years from many people all around the world. They have been capturing hearts from their social media platforms and adventures showcased in a children’s book. Barley’s owners have continued to take their pet’s love for his toy and turn it into beautiful projects, commemorating the friendship between the pair.

Barley’s owners, Zita Butler and Marc Wisselo, have grown just as fond of their furry companion and his adoration for Fluffy as the rest of the world has. They have continued to take photos and videos of Barley and Fluffy together, posting them online for their followers on social media to see. The family is adorable together, taking time to go on adventures together. The internet has fallen in love with this sweet pup and his heartwarming friendship, as Barley refuses to go anywhere without his beloved sidekick.

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Barley’s owners created an Instagram account for the sweet pup, garnering over 146,000 followers in the process. The bio is short and simple, stating, “Netherlands’ most fun-loving golden retriever.” They also mention Barley’s trusty companion, writing, “best friends with a stuffy called Fluffy.”

The social media account is full of great pictures and videos of Barley with his toy, capturing the extreme adoration the dog has for his stuffed friend. Fluffy is right beside him every step of the way — from when he walks outside to when he eats a pet-friendly birthday cake.

The pair have grown so much in popularity that there has even been a book released featuring their incredible bond. “The Adventures of Barley and Fluffy: Amsterdam” is an illustrated children’s book based on their beautiful friendship. The picture book was designed by an up-and-coming artist named Ruby Broekhuijse, who currently lives in Amsterdam herself.

The book’s descriptions reads:

“After arriving by train, Barley and Fluffy spend the day cycling through the city seeing windmills, eating a lot of cheese and meeting new friends. Fluffy even learns how to swim! It’s a perfect night-time read for the kids to drift off and dream.”

Barley’s owners run a website dedicated to the duo and have written adorable notes about their pet and his favorite pal. Barley is a real dog and Fluffy is a stuffed animal from Ikea, but this hasn’t stopped the dog from befriending his favorite toy. The book has been described as being “filled with adventure, friendship and feel good moments,” according to the Barley and Fluffy website.

Barley And Fluffy’s Unbreakable Bond

According to the duo’s official website, Butler is an Irish woman in her 30s. She and her Dutch husband live in the Netherlands together with their famous set of furry friends. Story Trender reported that Butler is a public relations manager from Dublin, Ireland, while Wisselo, 32, is a sports producer from Amsterdam. The golden retriever was given his best friend by Butler, according to Story Trender

Butler and Wisselo have described the relationship as a friendship — even though one dog is real and one is not. The pair have been said to do exactly what every set of friends does, such as “chilling, watching animal documentaries and going on new adventures together,” according to the dog’s owners.

In a video uploaded to YouTube on July 9, 2019 by Inside Edition, Barley was seen holding his stuffed animal in his mouth, happily carrying the toy around the house. Barley bounced joyfully along with his toy, showing off the identical companion. Fluffy was carried all across Amsterdam, from the comfort of the family home while watching television to adventuring in the park. Barley even gave his friend some sweet kisses and licked his toy peacefully.

Barley and Fluffy have gone on many adventures together — both in real life and in their amazing book. The two have become inseparable, as Barley has been relying on his favorite stuffed animal ever since he was given the toy, looking incredibly similar to himself. Their cute companionship is sure to continue to flourish as time goes on. Let’s just hope that Fluffy doesn’t break!

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