Golden Retriever Puppy Sweetly Confused By Kittens On Bed

May 22, 2020

This Golden Retriever puppy is so curious about the plethora of kittens on the bed. In this video, the puppy investigates the furry little felines in the most adorable and sweet way. 

As you can imagine, many people would love to find a whole bed full of kittens. One golden retriever puppy was so lucky as to actually experience it. The puppy got to see over fifteen kittens moving around on a bed!

The video starts off with a view of the kittens on the bed. The camera then pans over to the puppy for a little bit. The puppy has it's head on the bed and is staring at the kittens. It is wagging its tail with excitement at the sight of the cute kittens! Despite its excitement, though, the puppy is gentle with the kittens.

The kittens seem unphased by the puppy. They are too busy stumbling around on the bed. The kittens are trying to learn how to walk and, being curious creatures, are exploring their environment. The puppy, also a curious creature, continues to watch them.

The puppy put its paws on the bed at one point so it can move closer to the kittens. It sniffs a few of them. They all seem to be getting along pretty well! Perhaps this is the start of a beautiful friendship between one puppy and a litter of kittens.

The next shot of the video shows the mother with her kittens. The kittens all look like her, with white and gray fur. Hopefully, the mama did not give birth to all of the kittens in the video! Having so many kittens to look after would be stressful for one mama cat.

In another clip, we can see the puppy sniffing the mama cat. The puppy is wagging its tail. It sure loves it's cat friends! The mama does not seem to mind the puppy, either.

The video ends with all of the kittens cuddling together. What a loving pet family this is! It is not every day you see so many animals getting along with each other.

Would you love to have a bed full of kittens? Were you amazed at how well the puppy and cats got along? Let us know what you think!