Golden Retriever Hugs His Brother To Apologize For Stealing His Snack In Cute Clip

Jun 30, 2020

Watson and Kiko, two golden retrievers, have lived together for quite some time with their mom, Jen. Recently, Jen posted a video to her Instagram page in which she scolded Watson. Though not caught on camera, Watson supposedly stole his older brother Kiko's "chewy" and ate it himself, though he'd already received one. The pup then hugged his older brother to apologize for stealing his snack.

Initially, you could go as far as to suggest that Watson was in no shape or form remorseful. After an additional scolding, however, Jen asked Watson, "So, what do we say when we steal someone else's chewy?" Deciding that he was, indeed, sorry, Watson walked over to his older brother and proceeded to wrap his arms around his back and neck. He laid his head on top of his brothers and flashed his puppy dog eyes, melting everyone's hearts.

Kiko seemed to accept the apology, and, from what we can tell, all was well. Typically, these two dogs get along great - they are, after all, brothers. But it's important to remember that it's not all that uncommon for siblings to fight, especially when it comes to food.

Once Jen posted this nine-second video to Instagram, it blew up. Within a few days, the video received over 300,000 views and hundreds of comments. This moment between brothers was heartwarming for plenty of viewers across the globe. After all, we knew for quite some time that dogs are capable of showing remorse, along with a range of other emotions. Catching those moments on camera - no matter how begrudgingly Watson was for being forced to apologize - is relatively rare.

As the comments came pouring in, owner Jen went out of her way to reply to some commenters. Several comments were simply individuals chiming in to express how much they adored animals, how compassionate and caring they are, and how happy the video made them. Others, however, asked some of the questions we all had on our minds.

The biggest question we all found ourselves asking was simple - "Did Kiko get to have his chewy back?" Thankfully, Jen replied, stating, "Of course he did. Good boy Kiko had a chewy." Meaning after his brother Watson got a harsh scolding and Kiko got the apology his owner felt he deserved, Kiko got to reap the reward of a hard-earned treat.

Overall, this video is adorable. It shows just how emotional, compassionate, and loving animals can be towards each other. If you watch closely, you can almost see what Watson would tell his owner simply through the look on his face. In the beginning, he was just a bit grumpy with being forced to apologize.

Eventually, he realized it was the right thing to do, and, when he hugs his brother, you can see that he believes it. While apologizing may not have originally been a part of his plans, he doesn't want his older brother to be upset. Whether or not this behavior was cute and trained by the owner, it still brought a smile to all of our faces to see Watson so gently apologize to Kiko.

Have you ever seen a dog show compassion like this? It seems like we are more frequently seeing animals showing just how wholesome and compassionate they can truly be. What do you think? Did Kiko deserve his apology? Or was it less-than-sincere? After all, if his mother had to tell him to apologize, was it forced? Let us know what you think about the situation, or if you've ever had a situation similar to this with your pets.