Golden Retriever Happy To Play ‘Mom’ To Baby Bunnies Who Cuddle Up To Him

Oct 18, 2022 by apost team

Bailey, a beautiful and good-natured golden retriever, is the ultimate “Good Boy.” His super attitude and friendliness with all creatures big and small have taken the internet by storm. Since the exploits of the cute pooch, who lives with his humans in Costa del Sol, Spain, have been uploaded to his very own YouTube channel, the canine cutie has amassed more than 500,000 subscribers who love every second of his videos that feature other fur babies such as kittens, puppies and even chicks. But it’s Bailey’s interaction with 22 adopted bunnies that have captured the internet’s heart.

He loves the bunnies who share his home with him. Bailey's humans, you see, love all animals, and they regularly foster and adopt animals, as well as birds. Something about their gentle, loving attitude must have rubbed off on their four-legged little boy, because he loves their bunnies, too. In fact, he and the rabbits seem to think that he's their mom.

In a way, it makes sense. Bailey is bigger than they are. He's warm and loving. Most importantly, he snuggles and even plays with them. They adore Bailey, cuddling up next to him for warmth while they sleep. They even hop all over him sometimes. Bailey loves nothing more than to hang out with them, often on his humans' bed.

Bailey is never aggressive with the bunnies. He has accepted them in the same way a mother dog accepts the puppies in her own litter. Bailey will sometimes nudge them playfully or groom them, but they're never in danger with him.

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One heartwarming clip posted to the "This is Bailey" YouTube channel perfectly captures the retriever's sweet and caring nature. In it, Bailey is seen hanging out on a bed with a few of the 22 baby rabbits his human had just adopted. As they scampered about, Bailey kept a close eye on them, nudging them if necessary and licking them like he’s been their mama for years. The video later showed that not only was Bailey babysitting the precious bunny rabbits, but a little blue and white budgie as well. The baby bunnies looked absolutely at ease in Bailey’s presence, and once they had tired themselves out, began to snuggle up under Bailey’s golden tresses to catch a little shut-eye.

Titled “Cute Baby Bunnies think the Golden Retriever is their Mother,” the enchanting video has amassed a tremendous 12 million views since it was uploaded in May 2020, and it is not hard to see why. Viewers were left enamored by Bailey, with one fan saying, “Just overdosed on cuteness! What a gentle soul Bailey is. Beautiful.” 

Another person commented on just how relaxed all the animals – and bird – appeared.

“Bailey has to be the most wonderful dog ever, he is so calm, gentle, patient & tolerant of every little creature that gets in his space & I believe every little creature feels this, that's why they're in his space!!!”

And it’s not just rabbits and bird Bailey has befriended. You can catch more of his adorable hangouts sessions with his equally cute friends on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Isn't Bailey just the most precious pooch? What unusual pets have you had over the years? Let us know your thoughts and be sure to pass this on to all your animal-loving family and friends!

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