Golden Retriever Goes Above And Beyond In Order To Look After Mama Cat That Newly Delivered Kittens

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds in America, especially among families with small children. This is due to their sweet nature, gentle temperament, and the close bonds that they form with animals and humans alike. All these traits can be seen in this adorable video clip showing a golden retriever who is happy to look after a mamma cat and her tiny newborn kittens. In the video, which was uploaded in 2020, you can see just how close this cat and dog are as they cuddle together and hang out with the adorable kittens nestled protectively between them.

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Some people mistakenly believe dogs and cats are natural enemies. There have even been several popular movies and cartoons based on this concept. The truth is, dogs and cats can form strong bonds with each other just as well as they can with their own species. This is especially true when you are dealing with the kind of gentle, caring spirit this golden retriever displays around her cat friend.

In the video, you can see the beautiful pup standing protectively over the mamma cat who has clearly just given birth. The dog seems fascinated by the new little additions to their household, and even reaches out a tentative paw as if to pat her cat friend or say hi to the new kittens. The paw is pulled back, though, before it makes contact with anything. It's incredible to see how gentle this big dog is with her feline friends!

In another shot, it becomes obvious that the cat is comfortable with the golden retriever being around her kittens. They can be seen lying on the floor together, the kittens snuggled up against the dog's side. The gentle dog seems happy with the arrangement, even allowing the kittens to nuzzle against her as if they're looking for their dinner. The mamma cat seems to appreciate having another adult around to watch the kids! She puts her head down for a nap while her golden retriever friend watches over her babies. One commenter called it “the most beautiful thing I’ve seen today."

This isn't the first example of a strong friendship between and cat and a dog, but it might just be the cutest. One shot in the video shows the two of them cuddling together, even without the kittens around to co-parent.

It's clear the cat appreciates the dog's friendship and help with the little ones. In one particularly adorable scene, you can see the mamma cat kneading the dog's side, looking like she's giving her friend a massage as a "thank you" for all the love and support!

According to LiveScience, this massage-like behavior is something that cats do when they are extremely content and happy. When they do it to a human or animal, it can be an indication of a strong familial bond since the kneading habit is leftover from when kittens do this to their mother's stomachs to keep the milk flowing when they are little.

The adorable dog receives a further reward for her loving nature in the form of a large plate of strawberries presented to her by her owner. Viral Paws posted the original video which has garnered comments like: “The definition of true friends! I could watch this for hours so sweet?” and "That’s too adorable for words. So much love.”

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