Owner Pranks Golden Retriever And German Shepherd By Pretending To Pass Out

Nov 08, 2019

One dog owner recently posted a video on Instagram of his adorable pooches working valiantly to resuscitate him after he pretended to faint. The already entertaining video is made even more hilarious by the witty captions that were added using a common doggy tongue that loosely resembles English.

The video opens with the owner of the dogs, identified only as Brian, dramatically fainting right behind a couch. Immediately the Golden Retriever named Murphy jumps up on the back of the couch and looks down at his owner.

Meanwhile, the German Shepherd named Max runs to his owners side and looks alternately at him and his dog brother Murphy in an effort to figure out what is going on. At this point, Max is captioned as saying “well hecc . . . murphy . . . hooman did the malfunctiom.”


At this point, Murphy responds in part “hold on . . . everybody remain calm . . . wats the pupcedure say.” A confused Max then asks, “wat do u mean” leading Murphy to respond, “touch the hooman . . . if he hot . . . he alive.”

At this point, Max lays down beside his “unconscious” owner Brian, and places his head on his outstretched arm. Max’s caption then reads “he’s warm.” Upon hearing this news, Murphy responds “oh god . . . wat does warm mean . . . hecc . . . ther is no tiem to waste . . . well . . . jus gotta send it . . . cannonbork.”

At this point, the brave Golden Retriever Murphy hurls himself off the back of the couch and right onto “unconscious” Brian’s stomach, a move which startles both Brian and his German Shepherd Brother Max who responds “hecc murph.”

As Brian begins to rouse, Murphy exclaims “I DID IT” and Max responds “oh hecc . . . u rly did.” 

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