Go Back In Time With The Evocative Footage Of Patrick Swayze Performing ‘She’s Like The Wind’ From ‘Dirty Dancing’

The late Patrick Swayze was more accomplished than many realize. The Texan actor sadly passed away in 2009 after battling cancer. Along with being an actor and dancer, he was the voice behind the hit single "She's Like the Wind," which was very popular as part of the "Dirty Dancing" original motion picture soundtrack.

Michael Ochs Archive/Getty Images

Contrary to what many people believed, the song was not written for Swayze; he actually wrote and recorded the song with the help of a good friend for "Grandview, U.S.A.," a comedy film from the 1980s, as reported here at Smooth Radio.

The producers passed on it, so when Swayze was cast in "Dirty Dancing" three years later, he pitched the song to the director, and it eventually burned up the Billboard popular music charts alongside "(I've Had) The Time of My Life" and "Hungry Eyes."


According to Vox, "Dirty Dancing" and "She's Like the Wind" were not supposed to be hits. The movie was produced as a title designed to capture the burgeoning straight-to-video market, which at the time consisted of VHS sales and rentals.

The video clip for "She's Like the Wind" was unusual insofar as it features rather unambitious production values, and this was a time when renowned directors would work on music videos. In the end, the video, which features clips from "Dirty Dancing" along with dreamy imagery, came out better than expected.

Similar to the film, the video for "She's Like the Wind" was produced on a small budget and almost in a rush because the expectations for both the movie and the soundtrack were quite reserved; nonetheless, this was a major hit during the 1980s, and it is surprising that Swayze did not pursue his music career any further.

Check this dreamlike video out for yourself and let friends and family experience it too.