Glen Campbell’s Daughter Honored Her Dad With A Country Song That’s Moving Fans To Tears

Glen Campbell will always be remembered as one of the great stars of country music. Dozens of his songs made the Billboard charts and he won several Grammy's and awards during his lifetime. His daughter Ashley Campbell wrote her song "Remembering" to honor him.

The song was Ashley's debut back in 2015 and originally it wasn't even meant to stand on its own. It was featured in the 2015 documentary about Ashley's father, titled "Glen Campbell: I'll Be Me". The song is a heartfelt piece that deals with Glen's Alzheimer disease and is as wonderful as devastating to listen to.

Ashley's song conveys the deep emotions she felt while writing it, and she even mentioned during an interview with The Guardian that she originally never intended to do anything with it and wrote it for herself. However, the song quickly became very popular on its own. Ashley released a music video soon after the documentary, featuring some home video moments. It is a wonderful tribute to her father that it is even more precious after Glen's death in August 2018.

Ashley accompanied her father on his farewell tour after his Alzheimer diagnosis. She was there every step of the way to support him during his last years and this shows in her song and video. They seem almost tailor-made for the saying 'you will live on in your friends and family's memory'. Any fan of Glen Campbell's country music will get teary-eyed when this plays. You can watch the video here:

Did you like this heartfelt tribute? Do you have family members or friends dealing with Alzheimer's? We hope this video and song make you remember the good days.