Girlfriend Kicks Out Mom Of Boyfriend's Older Child Because She Got Angry Of Her Daughter's Name

Nov 08, 2023 by apost team

Names are special to every person for many reasons. They not only serve as identity tags but could also show a person’s affection toward another individual. Thus, it was not strange that a mom opposed giving her daughter’s name to her sibling. The original poster (OP) with the username Aggressive_Buy4075 turned to the Reddit community on Aug. 28, 2023, to ask if she was the a***ole in her situation.

OP became pregnant with her now 10-year-old daughter during a drunken hook-up with her friend, and they decided to only co-parent since they didn’t want to date each other. Her daughter’s dad met his girlfriend six years later. His girlfriend moved in with him after dating for three years. They started planning their family, and she soon became pregnant. 

OP was happy for the couple and tried to respect their boundaries while supporting them as much as possible. She also taught her daughter to be helpful as she wanted the siblings to be close once the girlfriend gave birth. 

“I’ve even said that if they were comfortable with it on nights I have my daughter if they ever want time alone i’ll babysit once they have the baby so my daughter can spend time with her sibling,” OP shared with the community. 

She continued, “All in all, I thought everything was great and I was excited for my daughter to have a sibling as she’s always wanted one but I had no interest in having another child.”

After the girlfriend welcomed her daughter, she and OP’s friend asked OP to bring her daughter to the hospital so she could meet her baby sister, so OP took her there. However, she was shocked when she discovered what her baby daddy and his girlfriend wanted to name their daughter.  

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OP’s friend and his girlfriend told her their daughter would be named exactly the same as her older sister. She was stunned, but the girlfriend wasn’t ashamed to announce it. OP, however, noticed that her friend was uncomfortable and avoided her gaze. 

She asked the couple what they were up to but received no satisfactory answer. OP’s friend told her not to overreact, while the girlfriend said she didn’t think there would be any issues. 

“I asked them if they’d named the baby for my daughter trying to understand the logic here but his girlfriend said that no it was just a pretty name she liked,” OP revealed

OP then asked the couple if they planned to use a nickname or middle name to prevent confusion, but the girlfriend said “she didn’t see a need for that.”

“I told them they were being ridiculous and that they couldn’t do this, I then told his girlfriend that I found this frankly creepy and told my friend he was being spineless if he was happy to go along with this,” OP continued

However, the baby daddy claimed that OP’s daughter could use a nickname. She then asked him why he thought it was reasonable to change their daughter’s name when she had used it for a decade already. 

The girlfriend called OP a “bi***h” for talking to her like that when she had just given birth and asked for OP to be removed from the hospital room. 

OP then asked the community for their opinion after stating that she didn’t care what the couple named their child as long as it wasn’t her daughter’s name, seeing as they would have the same surname. 

“Something about it just felt malicious and deliberate as if she’s trying to replace my daughter,” OP claimed

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Redditors judged that OP was not the one in the wrong and castigated her friend and his girlfriend. 

“NTA. From the outside it sure reads like she wants to replace her partner’s affection for his first daughter with his new baby. Of course it’s creepy,” someone opined

A second user replied, “And the suggestion that the 10yo should use a nickname? Wow. Talk about audacity.”

“This is a massive power play from the girlfriend. My guess is she was always jealous and uncomfortable with OP and her one night stand friend being close and hated that there’s a kid so she can’t get rid of OP. Now that she also has a kid which she can use as leverage she thought it’s the perfect opportunity to get rid of OP and her kid so she could have her “perfect” imaginary family,” another Redditor stated

Someone wrote, “That is so unfair to the baby as well. To be used a competition prop and not a person that deserves their own place in this world.”

A fifth user posited, “I’m so confused over this guy - who wants two kids with the same name? Things will be confusing and difficult for you until they are out of your house and off your insurance, if ever. It just sounds like voluntarily signing up for some weird purgatory of trying to explain the situation to doctors/ insurance/ schools/ every other service forever.”

A few Redditors even thought that it might cause issues with the law later if the girlfriend’s daughter was troublesome. 

“Maybe I’m paranoid, but OP should lock down her daughter’s credit immediately. Her daughter will have to keep it that way throughout her life. What a perfect set up for identity theft and fraud,” someone counseled

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What do you think of OP’s situation? What do you think of the girlfriend’s intentions? Let us know — and be sure to pass this on to friends and family. 

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