Girl Walks Two Sad Dogs In Park And Sees Man In White Step Out Of Car And Knows He's Their Real Owner

Sep 21, 2020 by apost team

This story is a tale with a happy conclusion. It is about a man who had to do what he had to do, but in the end, a friend helped him bring his life back together again.

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Joshua, who is a proud veteran of the military, has faced many challenges. During his time in the Air Force, he served in Afghanistan. After returning home, Joshua, like many other service members, suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. PTSD causes extreme anxiety, severe insomnia, and other painful mental and physical problems.

Joshua also suffered from painful isolation coupled with nightmares.

The only solace he felt was from his two faithful dogs, Momma and Panda. The two canine companions were always by Joshua’s side. They were his rock, and they were part of his reason for carrying on. As part of Joshua’s recovery, he moved to a new state. He transplanted himself from Louisiana all the way across the country to California, but in the transition, he was not able to take Momma or Panda.

After a few months, Joshua had a new place to live in California. He was ready for his two companions, but he did know how he was going to get them to their new home. This is where our dog hero, Mariah, stepped up and took Momma and Panda to California.

Pitbulls and Parolees brought Mariah, Joshua, Momma, and Panda together:

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