Girl Dressed As Elsa Reenacts 'Frozen' Scene In The Snow

Disney fans the world over have been obsessed with the music from the movie "Frozen." And, no wonder: the music has kids and grownups alike humming the catchy tunes! One little girl has made her debut as Elsa, thanks to the cooperation of the weather in her hometown.

A happy mom has posted a video on Facebook showing her daughter singing Elsa's epic "Let It Go." Kristi Michele posted the video, and anyone can see: her daughter Madelyn gets it. This is her moment.

The snow is perfect. The music is playing. Madelyn's blonde hair is braided Elsa-style and adorned with a sparkly tiara. In a beautiful floor-length pale blue dress, she steps through the snow. Music plays, and snowflakes dance through the air.

The little Elsa walks through the snow, gesturing in time to the music. She sings, then she stops walking. Dramatically, she takes off her gloves and tosses them to the side at the perfect time. As Madelyn continues singing, she bends down, touches the snow, and flings it around like Elsa would.

(And for anyone who wonders, the mini-Elsa wasn't in danger of any actual freezing. The determined little performer was only outside for a minute or two, and wouldn't ruin her costume with a jacket. And of course, she warmed up inside immediately after.)

With great timing, the little girl exhibits all the drama of the Disney Princess. Stomping through the snow. Confidence. Determination. She turns. She waves her arms. This little Elsa is a great performer. Kristi Michele calls her "my little star."

And fans love it. Nearly everybody knows a kid (or a grownup!) who is obsessed with Elsa and her music. More than 48 million views later, it's clear that this performance resonates with most of us.

What do you think? Have you ever had a chance to sing "Let It Go" in a setting as perfect as this? Tell us about your experience with the perfect performance moments, and tell a friend about Madelyn's epic performance!