Girl Cries When She Meets New Brother, Then Mother Tells Her “There’s Someone Else You Need To Meet”

Jan 30, 2019 by apost team

Adding a new baby to the family is always exciting, and often brothers and sisters wait the big day with overwhelming expectation.

A little girl name Kaydence is going viral in a video of her meeting her little brother for the first time. Not only was Kaydence thrilled to meet the tiny bundle of joy, but she was also overwhelmed and surprised!

See, Kaydence’s brother wasn’t due to be born for another week, so Kaydence thought that she had a long wait ahead of her. When she went to visit her mother at the hospital, a baby was the last thing she expected.

The video starts with Kaydence going to give her mother a hug from her place in the hospital bed. That’s when mom breaks the news and tells her to meet her brother.

When little Kaydence turns to the bassinet and catches her first glimpse of her brother, she can’t hold her emotions any longer. The girl breaks down into tears as she talks about how precious the new baby is. As mom tries to calm the little girl down, it’s obvious that she is also dealing with a wide range of her own emotions as she tells Kaydence that she’s about to cry as well!

Just when things don’t seem like they could get any better, mom announces that there is someone else for Kaydence to meet.

The little girl turns to look toward the door just in time to see her father smiling back at her. Kaydence’s father has been in Afghanistan and the little girl had no idea that he was coming home for the arrival of her new brother; instead, she thought that he would be gone for another four months.

Kaydence is now almost overwhelmed with excitement. She crosses the room before anyone can try to stop her and throws herself into her father’s arms.

For little Kaydence, this will go down in her memory as one of the best days of her life. She was given the biggest surprise with not only the arrival of her baby brother but also her dad returning home before planned.

Do you have younger siblings? Can you remember when you saw them for the first time? If so, let us know how you reacted back then and feel free to pass this cute story along to your friends and family!