Giant Water Snake Slithers From Water Towards Senior Man Ending In Unexpected Interaction

Oct 16, 2020 by apost team

Tim Jones is a retired zoo director who happened to befriend diamondback water snakes. He has found a way to build a relationship with the snakes. In this video from 2016, he is seen feeding a water snake with no fear. His history of working in a zoo and his snakes gives him ample opportunities to strike up friendships with all kinds of reptiles. 

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The video below shows the snake slithering onto Jones’ jeans as it reaches out for a fish he intends to serve it. Unknown to him, the fish scent stuck on his jeans, and that’s why this snake seems to bite him instead of taking the fish. 

However, having handled snakes long enough, Jones finds a way of letting the snake release him and get hold of the fish instead.

It started when Jones began to feed his catches to the snakes after he went fishing. "They'd come and eat it and I kept on until they got closer and closer to me," he tells KCEN TV.

Most reptiles seem to see something unique in Jones. It's possible that he gets along well with them because he has worked with snakes almost his entire life as a zoo director. In his pond, you can also find toads and turtles.

Although water snakes are not venomous, they have long, sharp teeth which mean the snake can bite when agitated. Jones has to be cautious to avoid getting bitten by his snakes, but his competence and experiences protect him.

He also says he has a soft spot for a specific snake whom he has named Bertha May. "I don't usually name animals but there's something about her", he adds. "I started calling her Big Bertha, and well, Bertha May sounded better."

Jones goes fishing every day or every other day, and makes sure he greets Bertha with a bite to eat. 

It is surprising how somebody can have such a blissful life around animals considered dangerous by many people in the world. Could it be that snakes are not all that bad? Jones teaches the world a new lesson about how to live with animals. Do you have any such stories or friends? Tell us about it and pass this story along to you friends!

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