Giant Pit Bull Terrier Babysits Tiny Puppy — It's The Cutest Clip Ever

Jul 04, 2020 by apost team

In this popular video that recently resurfaced online, a loving pit bull decides to take care of a tiny puppy as if it were its own baby. While the video is only around a minute long, it's bound to melt animal lovers' hearts.

The pit bull protects and babysits the little puppy with a stern face. Its fur is dark brown, and the little puppy's fur is white. The puppy doesn't belong to the pit bull, but the way the puppy is snuggled up to the pit bull just shows that this dog is very close to the puppy. They may not have a father-son relationship, but they must have some sort of close bond that makes the puppy feel safe around the pit bull.

This also shows that even though pit bulls can look intimidating or stern, they are actually lovable pets and may even shirk their duties as guard dogs because of how loving they naturally are. This can be seen with the bond that the pit bull has with the little puppy. The puppy doesn't want to leave his side! This shows a high level of trust and love between the two dogs.

This pit bull and this little puppy will grow up to be very close buddies. It must be nice for the owner to be able to keep both of them. Pit bulls are known to be guard dogs when really they should be known for their history of babysitting us humans and making sure that we are okay, instead of being known as vicious dogs in illegal dog fighting rings.

These pit bulls deserve a chance to show what kind of dogs they really are because, as this article proves, pit bulls are actually loving dogs and not fighting dogs.

Were you aware of the fact that pit bulls have a history of babysitting humans? Let us know what you think about this pit bull's babysitting in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to all dog lovers in your life!