Giant Moth With Intricate Tiger's Eye Pattern On Wings

Brahmin moths, also known as owl moths are a family of moths with roughly around 40 different species. The brahmin moth in particular is one of the largest in the family.  Found in Asia, Europe, and Africa, these moths are known for captivating people with their intricate wing patterns that often look similar to the stone, tiger's eye.  

A Successful Adaptation

This camouflage look isn't just beautiful. It's an adaptation that has allowed the Brahmin moth to be so successful in its environment. The survival of moths is really important for the ecosystem in places like Borneo's forests as well as other places where the moth is found including places across Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Everyone knows that bees and hummingbirds pollinate flowers. What they may not realize is that moths do the same thing. They just tend to do it at night, when no one is awake to see it.

Moths with markings like the tiger's eye are less likely to be eaten by predators like frogs and birds. This means they can continue their important work.

Though moths can seem creepy or difficult in some ways, they have a very important job. Moths and their pollinating skills allow plants to reproduce, and make fruit and leaves for other species to eat. The beauty of this Brahmin moth, captured in a video that went viral online, has helped many people to see these insects differently.

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