Get Creative Re-Use Your Plastic Bottles In These 13 Different Ways

Plastic usage is harming our environment and making our lives more complicated than they need to be. By buying different plastic bottles every time we need something new, we inevitably contribute to the wastefulness that is currently threatening the environment of our world.

It's a good thing to recycle them as opposed to throw them out, but what if we were to tell you there are other things you can do to re-use your plastic bottles?

Here are 13 different things you can do:

1. Pencil Cups

Keep your writing utensils organized and tidy with this idea. Just take any plastic bottle and cut it just past the length of a writing utensil and presto, you've got a pencil cup!

2. Snack Storage

Have extra plastic bottles with dispensable lids, like creamer packages? Empty these out and use them to store snacks so the next time you get a craving you know just where to go.

3. Watering Jugs

The best way to re-use empty milk jugs is to poke holes in the top and use them as watering jugs for your plants!

4. Planters

Use plastic jugs to hold your plants in! Just cut the tops off to your desired height and have fun painting them to whichever color looks best. Start your garden indoors before eventually bringing them outside when the plants are ready.

5. Beach Bucket

Use an old laundry detergent case as a beach bucket! It also doubles as a shovel!

6. Snack Platter

Soda bottles have such great bottoms to use for kitchen appliances. Just cut off the top and leave the bottom 4 legs and there you have it, a perfect snack platter!

7. Sensory Bottles

Use your leftover VOS water bottles to keep your children entertained by filling them with fun, glittery objects and then surrounding that with oil or colored water!

8. Jewelry Holder

Use the bottoms of multiple bottles and string them along a metal pole to create a jewelry holder!

9. Piggy Bank

Decorate your old water bottles, cut holes in the top, and use them as piggy banks!

10. Bird Feeder

Take an old water bottle and then fill the bottle with bird seeds to have a wonderful bird feeder!

11. Bubble Snakes

The kids will love this one! Cut the bottom off of an old water bottle, then seal a sock to the other end with a rubber band. Drop some food dye on the sock and then dip it in a soapy mixture to produce bubbles when you blow on the water bottle end!

12. Sprinkler

Just attach the opening end of a large bottle to your hose, poke holes in it, and there's your sprinkler!

13. Charging Dock

Turn old bottles into charging docks by cutting it to the shape in the photo above. Easy!

What do you think of these ideas? Are you going to try them? Tell your friends and family that they too can recycle their plastic bottles!