German Shepherd's Reaction As He Realizes He's At The Vet Has Internet In Stitches

Sep 16, 2020 by apost team

In this hilarious video, a stout German shepherd freaks out when he realizes he’s been taken to the vet. The poor guy is absolutely terrified!

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German shepherds are notoriously tough, courageous dogs. They have been used as guard dogs and police dogs for generations due to their intelligence, tenacity, ferocity and toughness. The German shepherd breed is very old and has a proud history, both in Europe and America.

German shepherds are so tough and so fearless that they are used both as drug-sniffing dogs and bomb-sniffing dogs, two jobs that even humans are afraid to do!

But this German shepherd, Enzo, proved that some things are much worse than sniffing out bombs or drugs. What started off as an exciting trip in the back-seat took a roller-coaster turn when the poor lad realized where he was: the parking lot of his vet!

The dog’s excitement and enthusiasm are lost in an instant as the horrifying truth dawns on him! Enzo has no choice but to pace anxiously, no doubt terrified of the horrors that await.

Enzo the brave and enthusiastic German shepherd begins to whine with a defeated, long-faced expression. With pained yelps of defeat and sadness, Enzo began to pace back and forth in the back-seat, seeking any escape path that could save him from his fate.

His owners couldn’t help but chuckle at his extreme reaction, knowing full well that this was a routine trip and that Enzo would be just fine. One of his owners laughs at her, “brave boy,” who was only afraid of one thing, the vet.

This hilarious video will surely brighten your day. Man’s best friend can certainly provide some serious laughter! You’ll be talking to your friends about this one!

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