German Shepherd Throws Fit When He Realizes He's At The Vet

Feb 28, 2020 by apost team

German Shepherds have a reputation for being fearless canines. However, when Enzo the German Shepherd realized he was on the way to the vet, he found it hard to keep his cool.

His reaction had his owners in fits, so they decided to film the poor pup as he freaked out upon realizing where they were.

Although we might not always understand our dogs fully, they surely understand us more than we’d ever expected. One recent viral video is showing just how intelligent and animated dogs can truly be. Many videos are posted online every day that show dogs excited.

When dogs arrive at the dog park, the pet shop, or a family friend’s house, they often show their excitement by wagging their tails or barking happily. But in this particular video, a dog is shown throwing a tantrum after realizing he’s arrived at the vet with his family!

The gorgeous German Shepherd’s name is Enzo, a dog that recently moved to a southern state with his owners. After the move, Enzo developed some allergies that needed to be treated by a vet. But when Enzo realizes that he’s back at the office for a check-up, he absolutely loses his mind!

Although the dog is gentle and sweet, he throws a temper tantrum that can only be compared to that of a toddler! He begins pacing around the backseat of the vehicle, whimpering and making vocal sounds that clearly show he wants you to feel pity for him. Thankfully, his owners busted out their camera in order to capture the adorable scene on film.

Once they posted it online, it gathered reactions from people all over the globe! People in the comments section of YouTube are even trying to translate the dog’s cries! Clearly, by the dog’s body language and whimpers you can tell he’d rather be anywhere but here.

It's adorable that the smart canine remembers exactly where he is based off prior experience. You can watch the precious pooch in the video below during the moment he realizes he’s arrived at the vet. Do your pets have similar reactions when you take them for a checkup?