German Shepherd Throws Fit When He Realizes He's At The Vet

Oct 04, 2021 by apost team

German shepherds have a reputation for being fearless canines. However, when Enzo the German shepherd realized he was on the way to the vet, he found it hard to keep his cool. His reaction had his owners in fits, so they decided to film the poor pup as he freaked out upon realizing where they were. This video from September 2014 is sure to tickle your ribs. While a part of you feels for Enzo, the other part is sure to be entertained by the big dog's antics.

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Although we might not always understand our dogs fully, they surely understand us more than we’d ever expected. Through body language, animals have a way of telling us about how they feel and what they need from us. It would certainly be easier if we could just talk to our pets and have conversations, but animals and humans always find a way to communicate. Inference plays a big part in trying to know our pets: a wagging tail surely means happiness while droopy ears signal a low mood. However, some sounds and body postures are so clear that we understand right away what the animal is trying to say. 

For Enzo the German shepherd, his feelings have been understood by everyone who has seen his reaction to going to the vet. According to the caption of the YouTube video, Enzo and his family recently moved to a southern state from the north. After the move, Enzo developed some allergies that needed to be treated by a vet. But when Enzo realizes that he’s back at the vet's office for a check-up, his feelings are absolutely clear: he wants nothing to do with it!

Enzo pins his ears back and begins whining loudly, probably hoping that his owners take notice of his dislike for what is happening. He dashes from one side to the other as well, all the while whimpering loudly. The poor dog seems so scared but doesn't realize that this visit is beneficial to him. In the video, Enzo's owner can be heard saying, "Here we are at the vet, and somebody realized it too!", and both people in the car can't help but laugh at his reaction. 

Much like children who don't know what is best for them and throw tantrums, Enzo's owners know that this is the best thing for him. The video cuts off right before Enzo is led out to go to the doctor. In the caption, the owner assures viewers that all is well with Enzo after the doctor's appointment. Once the owners actually posted the short video of Enzo online, it gathered reactions from people all over the globe! People in the comments section of YouTube are even trying to translate the dog’s cries. Clearly, by the dog’s body language and whimpers you can tell he’d rather be anywhere but here.

We see Enzo once again in another video posted by his owner three years later, where Enzo enthusiastically grabs a carrot from his owner's hand and refuses to share. In the caption, his owner writes, "Enzo loves carrots so much that he will take them right out of your hand." It's so good to see Enzo doing well in the video! Some comments below the latest video say that this is Enzo getting his revenge for having been taken to the vet by stealing away a carrot while others joke that it's time to take Enzo to the vet again. Whatever the case may be, it's always good to see a dog thriving, healthy, and loved. 

This isn't the first time a German shepherd dog has thrown a tantrum when faced with something they don't like. ABC News reported in 2014 that Bella the German Shephard threw a tantrum because she did not want her playtime to end. After having lots of fun playing in the water at a lake, Bella was told that it was time to go home. Bella did not like this, however, and begins to moan and whine. She also turns her back to her owner and pounds her paws in the water, signaling that she won't leave. Even after repeatedly insisting that her playtime is up, Bella is adamant to stay! In fact, she jumps back in the water starts swimming again, determined to continue with playtime. When she finally gets out, she grumbles at her owner, disappointed that she had to leave. For the viewers, however, this must have been an adorable watch, much like Enzo's fit about going to the vet!

According to American Kennel Club, German shepherds are ranked in the top 10 most popular dog breed consistently for the last few decades. The breed was initially known as the Deutsche Schaferhund, hailing from its namesake Germany. The dogs were established by Captain Max von Stephanitz, who wanted to develop a breed that would be known for loyalty, confidence, intelligence, and courage. He believed that beauty came secondary to the dog's utility, temperament, and intelligence. Through his work, the incredible German shepherd has become one of the best dog breeds to own, especially for families. 

Due to their highly developed sense of smell, German shepherds rank almost at the top for their scenting skills. It is no wonder that they are used by the police for search and rescue missions, tracking, bomb detection, and drug-sniffing. Moreover, these dogs are also extremely smart and can learn new behaviors very quickly. They have a unique desire to cooperate and work with humans, which puts the breed near the top of the list in the category of "Obedience" in dogs. Most importantly, German shepherds are extremely versatile in what they can do for humans: they can excel in sports, therapy work, as well as police-related jobs. 

For a family, a German shepherd might be an excellent dog to have at home. The breed is known to be gentle, making them an excellent choice for children, and though they may be a little slow to warm up to strangers, they are extremely loving with their family. Moreover, they require constant companionship, which means that they would rather spend time with you than be alone as this brings out the best aspects of their personality. They are also protective and loyal. German shepherds are one of the most caring and strong dog breeds available and surely add more value to people's lives. 

It's adorable that the smart canine remembers exactly where he is based off prior experience. You can watch the precious pooch in the video below during the moment he realizes he’s arrived at the vet. Do your pets have similar reactions when you take them for a checkup?

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