German Shepherd Battles Terrifying Sprinkler, Until Toddler Settles The Conflict In An Adorable Way

Sep 13, 2018 by apost team

Everyone knows German Shepherds are the action heroes of the dog world, but anyone who has owned one will tell you they are big babies at heart. This particular "big baby" needs a little help from his brave little toddler friend.

The family's new sprinkler system seems a bit too much for our intrepid canine hero, and he's reluctant to approach. It's at this point the tiny tot steps in to show him there's nothing to fear. Approaching slowly, he inspects this strange new device. At first, it still seems like he might tuck tail and run for the hills, but then he realizes something.

Within moments, the fear is gone as he discovers that this is indeed The Best Game! His owners, in their infinite wisdom, have installed a personal doggy water toy! Of course, he must test this out thoroughly, racing across the yard to try and catch even the furthest droplets and returning to "maul" the water into submission.

And look! There's another one! After chasing that one down and teaching it a lesson, it's back to the first. Fear overcome, he delights his family with his antics as he races back and forth between them, snapping at the water and trying to catch it as it flies through the air. Those sprinklers don't stand a chance against our now fearless canine friend!

Clearly, all that shyness was just to lull those sprinklers into a false sense of security. He sure showed them who's boss! And hey, the extra exercise can't hurt either.

It's impossible to watch this video and not smile at the sheer cuteness of the toddler and his doggy friend. His reaction once he overcomes his fear is priceless, and will leave you rolling with laughter. Check out the video:

Give it a watch, and maybe pass it along to someone who needs a smile, you won't be disappointed. What do you think?