Genius Binder Clip Uses For Decluttering And Organizing Your Home

You can find binder clips in most workspaces or office areas. Although they are typically used for organizing papers and documents, their purpose does not end there. Binder clips can also be used to organize other areas of your home.

Simple Building Storage Space

Rather than stacking storage boxes and hoping they don’t tumble down, use binder clips to keep the boxes together. This way, you can stack in unusual or unique patterns to fit your home or office space decor.

Helping Sponges Dry

Sponges can be breeding ground for bacteria if they don’t dry quickly. Use a binder clip to hold your sponge up, helping it to get more air circulation and dry faster.

Squeezing Toothpaste

As you use a tube of toothpaste, roll the bottom and put a binder clip there to get all of the toothpaste from the bottom of the tube.

Keeping Bottles In Place

If you have loose bottles rolling around in your fridge, place binder clips on the racks to work as stoppers from your bottles rolling out.

Name Place Holders

If you have an event or dinner party approaching, use washi tape to decorate binder clips as name card holders for your guests.  

Organizing Headphones

Headphones can take up a surprising amount of space on your desk. Tack a binder clip to the wall as a makeshift hook for hanging your headphones on when they’re not in use.

Book Labels

Instead of dealing with sticky or messy labels on books, albums, or folders, use binder clips to hang labels from the spine of your books.

Keeping Earbuds Wrapped

Whether they are in your pocket or your drawer, headphones always tangle easily. Use a binder clip to hold your earbuds together and keep them from becoming a mess.

Displaying Photos

Binder clips can be used to hold photos upright if you don’t have a frame or don’t want to ruin the pictures with holes by pinning them to the wall.

Organizing Cords

Where there’s an office space, there is a computer, and where there is a computer, there are plenty of cords. Keep these cords and cables organized by wiring them through binder clips clipped on to the side of your desk.

Hook Earbuds To You

If you move around a lot with your earbuds in, they are prone to annoyingly falling out frequently. To keep them in your ear, use a binder clip to clip the earbud wires to your shirt, securing them from jostling around.

Hold Napkins Together

For decorative cloth napkins, use a binder clip to keep like napkins together and sorted from other napkins or tablecloths.

DIY Clipboard

In a pinch, you can make your own clipboard out of just a few materials. Use sturdy cardboard, decorative wrapping paper, your choice of washi tape, Mod Podge, and large binder clips to make your customized clipboard.

Pulling Yarn

Whether you’re knitting, crocheting, or crafting, the yarn can tangle easily and be hard to work with as you pull it from the skein. As an alternative, put the yarn in a bowl and clip a binder clip on the side. Thread the yarn through the clip to keep the skein from getting away from you.

Organizing Jewelry

In your travel bag, keep jewelry organized with binder clips by clipping the jewelry, hair accessories, or other small belongings to the inside of your bag.


Razor Cover

To keep your razor blades sharp and safe, place a binder clip over the blade.​​​​​​

DIY Wallet

Instead of carrying a bulky wallet around, decorate a binder clip with washi tape and use it to clip your money together and hang your key on.


Which binder clip suggestion will be most helpful in your home? Let us know what other fun ideas you have too! Let your friends know about this cool DIY tricks!