Generous Stranger Builds Ramp For Wheelchair-Bound Teenager Free Of Charge

Jan 13, 2022 by apost team

When you are a teenager, you start to want more independence from your parents and can have a hard time accepting help. This situation becomes more complicated if the teen has a disability or special needs and requires extra help for daily tasks. One teenage girl from North Carolina, Almay Belton, faced disappointment every day when her dad would be waiting for her outside their home after school to help her get up the steps that lead to the house.

One day, a truck parked in front of the Belton house, and a man came to the front door with an extraordinary offer. That man was Joe Hill, and he explained that he had been doing some work in the neighborhood and noticed the daily routine when Almay gets home from school. Hill said that he could make a ramp for the front of their house, at no cost to the family. 

Almay’s father, Anthony Belton, was shocked by this offer. He was not accustomed to anything in life being free. But Hill was true to his word, and he finished the ramp without asking the Beltons for a dime. 

When Almay reached her front door for the first time on her own, she was thrilled. The teenage girl could not keep a smile off of her face. The ramp has given her independence that she did not have without it, and that is a big deal for a teen or anybody. Now, when Almay gets off the bus at her house, she doesn’t have to rely on anyone to get safely inside. 

Hill’s actions are a great reminder to treat others, even strangers, with kindness. Keep reading to learn more about this heartwarming story.  

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Almay’s father shared with ABC 11 News what her struggle was like every time she got home from school. "It was kinda hard mostly on her, because basically she's going up and down the steps, so basically constantly bumping and dumping down the steps, and you see her jumping and jumping. Then at the same time, it's hard on me, dealing with my back and I'm getting older, not younger," Anthony said.

Anthony recalled what Hill said when he first brought up building the ramp. He could not believe that someone would do something like that for free. "'Would you mind if I come out here and just built you a ramp for nothing?' And he kind of got me. I kind of looked at him funny and said, 'Yeah, there's got to be a catch to it. Ain't nothing for nothing," Anthony said.

Seeing the huge smile on Almay’s face was enough to change Anthony’s mind about good Samaritans. The father shared, "Joy in my heart to see her smile, as soon as the door opened and she got there she just started smiling.” 

Hill felt the same way. He said, "The smile did it for me. And knowing she can do it pretty much by herself, so it's a little more independence for her."

Hill’s actions have changed the way Anthony sees the world. "We need to have more Samaritans out here doing the same thing, as far as helping each other, instead of putting each other down," Anthony said. "We need to be there for each other. And by him doing that shows you right there, there are people in the world that do have hearts that do care about other people."

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