Gary Sinise Foundation Donates $52,000 To City Rescue Team To Get New Life-Saving Equipment

Perhaps best known for portraying Litenueat Dan in the film "Forest Gump" Gary Sinise has taken on a different role in his life, philanthropist.

Last month, he did just that as he donated more than $52,000 to a rescue team so they could have new equipment. 

Photo by Kris Connor/Getty Images

The Gary Sinise Foundation has made its mission to devote all their efforts to defenders, veterans, first responders and their families who are in need. On Twitter, the foundation announced that they were able to award more than $52,000 to the Henderson City/County Volunteer Rescue Squad. The funds will go towards purchasing new gear and life-saving equipment.

Brian Coghill, Assistant Chief of Henderson Rescue Squad told 14 News,

“It’s kinda been like a Christmas present under the tree, you can’t open it just yet, but it’s gonna be awesome for the community. The time it takes to normally get the pump off the truck, the hoses hooked up could be three to five minutes. Now it’s gonna be you step off the truck, you grab that tool, you can go to the car start doing what you need to do while that other set is being hooked up.” 

In a letter written by Sinise himself and published on his foundation's website, he stated that after the 9/11 attacks he felt he needed to become active for our country’s defenders “however and wherever” he could.

He started the foundation to expand the support to other regions. Earlier this year Sinise received a celebrity “Thank-you” video for all of his charitable acts and donations that he does for defenders, rescue workers, and war veterans. His reaction was filmed as he became tearful at all of the celebrities and veterans saying “Thank-you” to him. 

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