Future Mother-In-Law Rejects Bride's Request Last Minute And Breaks Her Heart Over Upcoming Wedding

Sep 23, 2021 by apost team

When it comes to weddings there are a million decisions to make, and it is generally believed that the bride gets to have the final say. However, there are times when the bride may seem unreasonable which makes everything more challenging. Whether or not someone is acting like a Bridezilla is open to debate.

One such debate has started on Reddit after a bride-to-be posted a story about a disagreement she is having with her mother-in-law. The bride said in her post that she has a list of four things that she desperately wants for her wedding day. This includes fancy invitations, her groom waiting at the end of the aisle, writing her own ceremony and that her mother and mother-in-law would wear green dresses. 

The bride also chose green as one of her wedding colors, so to her it seemed like the perfect fit. She brought this up with her mother-in-law a year before the big day and she agreed to wear a dress that was any shade of green. Unfortunately, weeks before the wedding the mother-in-law told the bride she would not be wearing green after all. 

The bride has taken this denial personally and feels heartbroken over one of her dreams not coming true on her wedding day. The color of a dress may not seem like a big deal, but it was to her. Now, the mother-in-law and grandma are calling her a Bridezilla for being so demanding. This pushed the woman to post her story on Reddit to find out if she was in the wrong for asking her mother-in-law to wear green. 

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Because she said that they could wear any shade of the color, the woman doesn’t think she is being too demanding. The bride wrote in her post, "I believe I'm being reasonable by saying any color green. And I told her a year ago that this was a thing and that this is important to me." 

Part of the reason the bride feels hurt is that her mother-in-law decided to wait till the last minute to find a dress, even though the bride offered to help a year ago and also sent her links to stores with green dresses. 

The OP continued, " I believe I'm being reasonable by saying any color green and I told her a year ago that this was a thing and that this is important to me. It's not [my] fault she waited till less than a month before the wedding for her to go dress shopping."

The OP explained that she even sent "her photos of when the dress came in. I sent her websites. This isn't something new." So the last-minute cancellation hurt OP deeply, and she kept insisting that her future MIL wear green. 

The OP posted an update on her post after she read the replies, as she wrote, "When I mentioned this in November last year she told me green is her favorite color and that she looks good in green." With so much already written about why the OP wanted her MIL to wear green, she believed she was right to feel angry about being surprised like this at the last minute. 


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The reactions commenters posted to this story were mixed. Many people felt that since the mother-in-law initially agreed to wear green she should stick to her word. One commenter pointed out, "Her MIL said she loved the idea when she was first told. Now, a year later, she's changed her mind? She needs to suck it up for her son, (who is on Original Poster's side) and Original Poster's big day."

Another person suggested, "If she wears any other color besides green, make a fuss over your mother and be over the top thankful for choosing the color you wanted."

The top comment stated, "You told her long long ago- almost a year at this point about it and she agreed! She sounded excited about it too! Going back on it... Flipping a switch right before the wedding and going from 'yes my favorite color!' to 'Bridezilla!!' is just ridiculous." 

A whole other group of Reddit users felt that the bride was in the wrong for demanding her mother-in-law wear a specific color. A third person wrote, "As much as you feel entitled to request specific colors, they're also entitled to decline. It would be easier if they just went along with it. But it's a bit odd you're deciding what colors they can wear."

The OP then posted an update to her original post, and wrote, "Not buying the dresses. Groom thought the request was fine when I started planning. Groom thinks his mom is the AH for waiting till last minute. I haven't told her off or anything over this. I am ok with being wrong here. I love my future MIL and she's amazing. I got lucky in MIL department." 

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Who do you think is right in this situation? Is the bride being too demanding? Let us know your opinion and be sure to pass this on to your friends and family.

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