Furry Orphaned Koala Gets Comfort With Stuffed Animal Following Mom Passing

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

The Australian wildfires have devastated the beauty of the once pristine Australian countryside. While many are most likely to assess the impact of the fires in human terms, it is important to remember how many animals have been harmed in the cataclysm as well.

Thankfully, the plight of Australia’s animals has not gone unnoticed as billions of dollars have been donated to the land Down Under to save the country’s wildlife.

In a heartbreaking post, an American veterinarian recently showed a video on Instagram of an orphaned baby koala cuddling with a stuffed animal soon after losing her mom.

In the video, vet Paul Ramos gives the stuffed koala to the baby girl, who is being held by an aide worker. At first, the koala covers her eyes, but upon seeing the stuffed animal, begins nuzzling it and putting her arms around it, much like a scared child clutching a favorite teddy bear.

Upon watching the video, many animal experts point out that it is in the baby koala’s instinct to seek out comfort and safety in the arms of an adult koala, particularly after enduring a major trauma. The baby girl was found in the southwest part of Victoria, which has endured some of the worst of the wildfires.


In a caption attached to the post, Dr. Ramos encourages people everywhere to do their part in battling the wildfires. Dr. Ramos points out that we share this world with many animal species and that every living thing in this world is connected to each other.

Continuing, Dr. Ramos tells his followers that eventually, the rescue agency and local community are hopeful that they will be able to release the baby girl back into the wild once she heals from her injuries.

Looking at the broader picture, thankfully, all of the fires in Australia have now either been put out or contained. Despite this, the situation remains bleak for the country’s flora and fauna. A leading ecologist in the country has called the impact of the fires a “biological Armageddon," in the New York Times.

In total, biologists estimate that as many as a billion animals have died in the fires. Of that number, about 25,000 are believed to be koalas, reports CNET, placing Australia’s most iconic and beloved marsupial in danger of extinction.

While the fires have killed many animals, many more are in even greater danger now that their habitats have been destroyed in the disaster. Millions of acres of Australia’s land have been singed in the blaze, destroying not only the homes of many animals but destroying their food sources as well.

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