Funny Boxer Dogs Ensure No One Is Watching As They Liberate Canine Pal

May 01, 2021 by apost team

A pair of boxer dogs helped their canine friend escape from his cage in December 2011. The three pups found themselves in the midst of an adventure as they worked together to carry out their scheming ways. The boxer dogs teamed up to help their friend, a bichon frise, get out of his locked kennel. While one of the boxers took the lead in the staged breakout, the other one simply stood by to watch the events unfold.

Boxers are known for their mischievous behavior, engaging in plenty of antics over their lifetime. They have been known to get into a few predicaments from time to time. While the bichon frise breed may look sweet, fluffy and cuddly, they are known for being curious little creatures. This, in addition to the playfulness of the boxer breed, made for a troubling trio, as the dogs worked incredibly well together to help the smaller pup escape his cage.

These expert canine escape artists persisted with their short mission, moving quickly as the time ticked by. A video of the wild adventure was uploaded to YouTube, although the dogs seemed not to have noticed the camera capturing their misbehaving ways. The three showed true friendship, with one of the larger dogs taking the lead in the mission. They worked seamlessly together as one of the boxers quickly got to work on picking the lock of her smaller friend’s cage. The dogs’ tenacity and dedication were evident as they never once quit their rough adventure with one another.

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Boxers are known for exhibiting mischievous behavior as early as their days as puppies. According to Dog Time, they retain their high energy levels even when inside loving homes, as they need plenty of exercise. Dog Time rated the many characteristics of boxers, determining which ones are their strengths and weaknesses. These sweet dogs tend to adapt well to apartment living and are incredibly affectionate with their owners. Not only are they kid-friendly, but they are friendly to their fellow dog companions.

Something that boxers struggle with is being alone. Since this is something they don’t like to tolerate, it makes sense that this pair of boxer dogs decided to help out their bichon frise friend escape from his kennel. On top of that, this breed has a lot of physical needs that need to be met. Boxers are typically full of energy, need plenty of exercise and have a very high potential for playfulness. All of these qualities explain their playful and prankish attitude.

According to Dog Time, boxers are high-energy and family-friendly, making them perfect pets. The site also suggests that owners try to tire out their dynamic animals by playing with them frequently.

A video of this doggie adventure was uploaded to YouTube on Dec. 4, 2011, which has since garnered over 350,000 views and over 3,500 likes. Action-packed theme music was put over the clip as an appropriate soundtrack for the dog’s escapade. The video began with Bella, one of the boxer dogs, finding her friend in a cage. Cooper, the small and jittery bichon frise, sat in his cage, clearly wanting to get out.

The Great Escape

Throughout the video, the dogs were seen working together without speaking with one another. The boxers quickly got to work on getting the smaller one out of his kennel. While one boxer stood by and watched everything happen, Bella decided to take a shot at picking the lock with her teeth. Bella and Cooper connected through the wires, right where the lock was securely placed and held together. The bigger dog bit and licked at the lock, accidentally giving a few sweet kisses to her friend during the process.

Cooper kept encouraging his friend as he watched her go to work on figuring out how to get the door opened. As Cooper and the other boxer watched Bella, the smart girl figured out how to set her friend free. After about a minute of hatching a plan, Bella managed to grab the latch of the lock with her teeth. She pulled it up, unlocking the door to Cooper’s cage. She then easily opened the door and greeted her friend while he was still sitting inside the cage. Meanwhile, the other boxer peeked in to see Cooper but didn’t do much more as his friends already finished their tricky endeavor. 

Finally, Cooper was free. Although he stayed in the cage for the remainder of the video, he would be able to walk out of his cage if he so desired, thanks to his helpful boxer friends. The dogs’ playfulness mixed with their curiosity helped them fulfill their plan of getting the smaller pup out of the confined space.

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