Frozen In A 'Time Capsule' - Kurt Russel & Goldie Hawn’s Charming Home

Jan 20, 2022 by apost team

Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell are known for having one of the most successful romances in all of Hollywood. Although the pair have never tied the knot to one another, they have shown that a ring and marriage certificate aren’t necessary in order to have a beautiful and brilliant relationship. Their blended family is full of light and talent, and it’s clear that the family has spent some amazing moments together making memories over the years.

During her marriage to Bill Hudson, Hawn had two children, a son named Oliver Hudson and a daughter named Kate Hudson, both of whom have grown up to become successful actors. Following the finalization of her divorce from Bill, Hawn began dating Kurt, and the rest is history. The couple has one biological son together named Wyatt Russell.

They also have a handful of shared homes in places all across North America, where they have enjoyed spending quality time together. One of their homes is located in Aspen, Colorado, and is known for its stunning location. More importantly, it’s evident that the home is very meaningful to the family, so much so that Oliver recently gave fans an inside look into his famous parents’ house. 

During a virtual appearance on “Live! with Kelly and Ryan” in 2022, Oliver amazed hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest, as well as plenty of his fans with details about the Aspen home. Along with showing off just how beautiful the snowy mountains looked behind him, he also shared some of his favorite stories that took place right there in the home. 

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Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell (2013), (Kevin Tachman/Getty Images for amfAR)

Family Time

Enjoying some private, down-to-earth moments with his famous family is something that has stuck with Oliver. He is an accomplished actor who has definitely made a name for himself while still showing just how proud he is to come from a successful family. He has even appeared opposite his mother Hawn in the 1999 comedy film “The Out-of-Towners.” Oliver is most known for his roles in the television series “Rules of Engagement,” “Nashville” and “Scream Queens.”

In Jan. 2018, Travel and Leisure reported that Hawn and Kurt take an annual family trip to Aspen as a way to spend some quality time together. The pair have been together since 1983 and have been showing off just how beautiful their love for each other is ever since. They have also shown the world what a successful, blended family really looks like. 

According to Travel and Leisure, Hawn and Kurt raised their children in Snowmass, Colorado, which is located close to their current home in Aspen. It’s clear that returning to the area means a lot to everyone in the family. During one of the family trips to Aspen, Kate shared a cute photo on Instagram of her mom and step-dad cuddling up in their ski sweaters. In the caption, she wrote, “Pendleton love birds.” 

Four years later, it’s clear that the family still frequents Aspen together and enjoys making even more memories with one another. On Jan. 5, 2022, Oliver gave fans an intimate look into his famous parents’ home in Aspen, and showed just how amazing the couple's shared estate really is, during an appearance on “Live! with Kelly and Ryan.”

Goldie Hawn, Oliver Hudson (2018), (Michael Kovac/Getty Images/Netflix)

Making Memories Together

Speaking with Ripa and Seacrest, Oliver explained that he was currently situated in the guest house of the residence. Seacrest called the picturesque views of a valley and mountain range peeking through the windows a “fantasy land.” It was clear that Ripa agreed, and she called the state of Colorado “the truest sign of God on earth.” 

“We’ve been coming up here for 37 years,” Oliver said. “I went to elementary school up here. I actually took my kids out of school five years ago in L.A. and took them up here to live in the mountains and have some independence and some freedom. It’s a really special place for sure.” Oliver continued:

“Mom built this house first and then my step-dad Kurt built the other house. So we lived here in 1985 for two years. It’s a bit of a time capsule. Those curtains that you see are like 30 years old, you know what I mean? Mom refuses to update, which kind of is great.”

It seems like Oliver is trying to pass down some traditions and keep the old family memories alive and well by enlisting his children in “ski P.E.,” which is a gym class on the ski slopes. “That was the greatest thing about being here, snow days,” Oliver said. “Wednesdays they let off early so everyone can go ski.” He added:

“The school system is so different. My kid had, in fifth grade, a page of homework front and back that was given on Monday and due on Friday. That was it. They believe in sort of go home, play in the snow, be in the mountains. That’s sort of their philosophy here.”   

Oliver Hudson (2018), (Desiree Navarro/WireImage)

Ski Aficionados

In the interview, he also discussed his wife, Erinn Bartlett's skiing ability. He said 

"My wife was on a ski team (and) she grew up in Massachusetts. She was basically skiing on sheets of ice."

He also spoke about his own skills and mentioned he's much less of a risk-taker than he used to be. He said:

"I've been skiing since I was five. I'm pretty good. I can ski anything. I'm 45 years old now, things have changed. I don't do what I do. I ski fast but I don't go crazy and jump off cliffs and things like that. I used to be pretty crazy." 

As for the rest of the family's skiing abilities? It seems they're all well versed in how to tackle the slopes. A few years ago, Kate posted a photo to Instagram of herself, her two sons, Oliver and a friend up on a mountain. In the photo, they're fully decked out in skiwear sans shirts, while she and her friend donned just brightly colored sports bra. She captioned the post:

"Skis on, shirts off! #SpringSki"

She posted another photo from the same trip in which she's dressed in her ski gear but with only a T-shirt on top. She captioned that photo with the hashtag, "GetYourTShirtsOut"

Considering how long the family has been spending winters in Aspen, it's no surprise they're ski aficionados. And from how much they post about their trips it's clear that they truly live it up every moment that they are there.    

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