Frontman Of Christian Rock Band Skillet Answers To Leaders Renouncing Faith Saying 'Truth over Emotion'

Christians who are committed to their values could never dream of denouncing their principals, morals and the ideas they hold dear. This is why the recent slew of Christian leaders denouncing their faith has been so disheartening to Christians all across the country.

In past weeks, two hugely influential Christians have denounced their faith. The first was ex-pastor Joshua Harris, who authored the massively popular "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" dating guidebook for Christian singles. Not only has he renounced his faith, but he's condemned his own book, despite the fact that it's positively affected the lives of so many people reported CNN. In a final stunning blow to his fans, the ex-Christian love guru announced he was divorcing his wife.

The other Christian celeb to shock fans and ditch the faith is Marty Sampson, a Christian singer who also served as pastor of the Hillsong Church in Sydney, Australia. Marty's music has inspired millions of Christians, but that didn't stop him from leaving it all behind in a shocking blog post reports Premier.

However, John L. Cooper, the lead singer of the Christian rock band Skillet, has something to say about all of these recent disheartening public exits from the faith. John wasn't afraid to speak his mind in a Facebook post. "What is happening in Christianity?" John wrote, going on to write that too many of these leaders put the emphasis on themselves instead of where it should have been, which was on the Bible and its teachings.

"We must stop making worship leaders, thought leaders, influencers, 'cool people' or 'relevant' people the most influential people in [Christianity]," John wrote passionately. He went on to claim that he's been warning his fans for 20 years that it was dangerous to overly emphasize the importance of Christian celebrities, especially when the focus ought to always be on God. "It's time for [us Christians] to rediscover the preeminence of the [word of the Lord]. And to value the teaching of that word. We need to value truth over feeling [and emotion]," John said, imploring his fans to remember what's important about their faith.

In our modern world, it can be easy to forget about the importance of faith. This is especially true in a world that seems to mock and condemn anyone who's open about their beliefs. Show this story to anyone who you think could use a reminder in the importance of staying true to their beliefs, even in a world that makes it very difficult to do so.