Frightened Dog Is Left In Church Parking Lot With Her Nine Puppies Without Looking Back

Sep 24, 2020 by apost team

Although it may come as a shock as to how heartless some people can be, it is not uncommon for people to desert their animals.

In May 2020, a five-year-old boxer along with a litter of nine puppies was abandoned at North Side Baptist Church’s parking lot in Abilene, Texas. Were it not for the generosity of Misty Boerger, an employee of Paw Angel Animal Rescue, the nine puppies of the already frightened dog would have been left to die. There are some heartless people out there, but with people like Misty still around, these dogs had a fighting chance to live a better life. 

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Misty Boerger saw a picture of the dog and her litter on social media and felt that she had to rescue them. She told KTXS that seeing the dogs’ pictures on social media broke her heart, and she couldn’t understand how someone could leave a mother and her two-week-old babies in the street.

Misty along with Angel Urban hurried to North Side Baptist Church’s parking lot. When they got there, they put the dog family in their car’s back seat and took them back to be treated.

Sadly, after the rescue, the boxer mix mother of nine was ailing and had to go to the vet for treatment. Even worse, one of the puppies had a throat tumor, and the doctors had no option but to euthanize it, reports KTXS. However, the mother and her litter got better after a few days and thrived happily in their temporary home with Misty Boerger, and she decided to see them through recovery before giving them away to a permanent home.

Misty shared updates on Facebook and explained that she would stay with the dogs for two weeks, after which she will give them away for adoption. She also said that by the time she gives them out, the dogs would all have been spayed or neutered so that they won’t be able to reproduce.

During the time, Paw Angel Animal Rescue calculated and estimated the total cost for providing food and other supplies for the dogs to be $2,500. They then reached out to donors to help cover the amount.

Robert Sudbury, also a staff member of Paw Angel Animal Rescue, spoke on Facebook on behalf of the rescue and confirmed that the cost of supporting all the ten dogs until September for their adoption would cost $2,500.

Luckily, the rescue has received over $1,000 from donors already, and they are still expecting more donations. The rescue is still hoping and anticipating more money for when the dogs need medical attention in the future since rescue animals often have complications.

The rescue staff always post pictures to attract attention and update the public on the animals’ welfare. The public commends the Paw Angel staff’s work, with one follower calling Misty a hero for rescuing the abandoned dogs.

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