Friends Of Kathie Lee Gifford Think Boyfriend Richard Spitz Is ‘Not The One’ But She’s Ready To Remarry

May 31, 2023 by apost team

Kathie Lee Gifford experienced the tragic loss of her beloved husband of 29 years, Frank Gifford, in 2015. The couple shared a long and enduring marriage, but his passing left her with a broken heart. After grieving and healing, she felt ready to open her heart to love again.

Sometime in 2021, Kathie Lee met Richard Spitz, a successful businessman. They connected on a deep level, and their relationship blossomed. However, the TV star's new guy apparently preferred to keep things on the down low so Kathie Lee only hinted in TV interviews that she was in a relationship again but refused to publicly speak about this new love. 

An insider told The Sun that friends of Kathie Lee, who have witnessed her journey through grief, were worried about her because she could be ready to remarry Spitz yet they believe that he is “not the one” for her. The insider added that Kathie Lee has invested and given her all to this new relationship, but Spitz has not made the same effort and appears to be "disinterested."

In March 2023, word got out that Kathie Lee and Spitz have been dating for a few months and were eventually seen together around Nashville. Eyewitnesses said that the couple seemed to be enjoying each other's company and have been regularly working out together. 

However, the public spectacle surrounding their relationship apparently strained their bond. Spitz, a very private person, was deeply unhappy about their romance being exposed to the world. The disagreement over the public aspect of their relationship led to a heated argument between the couple, and they decided to spend time apart. 

Kathie Lee Gifford (2020), (Steve Granitz/WireImage via Getty Images)

Despite their differences, Kathie Lee and Spitz managed to reconcile after their brief hiatus. They resumed their relationship, choosing to focus on their love rather than the opinions of others. 

Kathie Lee believed in the potential of their bond, even though her friends remained skeptical. She remained steadfast in her love for her new boyfriend and found joy and happiness in their connection.

"She is in love with him,” the insider said. “Privately, she wants nothing more than for the relationship to be public and for them to get married."

Over the next few months, Kathie Lee and Spitz were frequently seen together again, enjoying each other's company in various outings. They shared laughter and inside jokes and created beautiful memories together. Their connection was evident to anyone who saw them.

In April 2021, Kathie Lee admitted in a People interview that this relationship has been making her happy again. After years of feeling that something was missing in her life since the death of her husband, the TV star said she's been grateful to have met someone smart and funny. 

In their nearly two years of dating, Spitz has been supportive of Kathie Lee as she dealt with her grief and loss. However, a source told Radar Online exclusively that Spitz has been struggling to compete with the memory of Frank

"Frank will always be the love of Kathie Lee's life," the source said, adding that she does not intend to replace her departed husband. "That's very difficult for any new boyfriend to hear, especially when there are still pictures of Frank all over her house."

Kathie Lee Gifford (2022), (Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

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