Friends Create The World’s Biggest Bath Bomb And Then Toss It In Swimming Pool, Followed By A Huge Colorful Splash

When bath bombs come to mind, most people think of a long relaxing bath with candles and a great book. Whether you are a stressed out adult, or someone whose inner child is dying to come out, nothing is better than that initial fizz when you drop the bath bomb in the water.

Many of us have an avid love for Lush bath bombs. There is something addicting about throwing one into the tub and watch it fizzle and swirl, exploding with glitter, color, and delightful smells. The color then spreads all around the tub creating a beautiful scene.

Now imagine this same feeling, this same scene in a much larger space. What if there was a big enough bath bomb for a pool? Imagine the swirling, fizzling colors it could make.

This is just the idea that the makers of Vat19, a YouTube channel, set out to create. These friends wanted to make the largest bath bomb in the world.

Weighing at an amazing 2000 lbs, the bath bomb was humongous. For comparison, Lush’s bath bombs are usually around 5.6 oz.

However, making this bath bomb was no easy task. They followed a recipe of one part citric acid, one part cornstarch, and two parts baking soda. It took thirty one different 50 lb. bags filled with ingredients to complete the bath bomb. After these ingredients were mixed, they added color to the mixture.

It was a long and slow process of mixing and layering inside a mold shaped like half a sphere.

However, this was only half the bomb. They took it out and left it out in the sun. They then had to go back and do it all over again for the second half. This was not a fun afternoon of DIY crafts. It was hard work, especially when a towel got dropped into the mixture.

Once the bomb had baked solid, they started taking away the mold. This revealed a very large, round bath bomb. It was now time to put it to action. They were finally going to put it in the water.

It plunged into the water with a huge splash. It went below the surface of the pool and began fizzling. It bounced back above the surface and they shrieked with delight as the pool was filled with color and bubbles.

It looked like the most fun pool party. It just goes to show that a bath bomb can make any situation better.

What do you think of this awesome experiment? Would you try it yourself? Let us know what you think! And don't forget to invite your friends and family to watch this colorful pool party of a video!