Frenchie The Bulldog Approaches Police Horse For A Kiss

A New York City police officer and her official horse were standing watch at the New York City "Occupy Wall Street" protest when Frenchie, a light brown French Bulldog puppy, went right up to the horse to see what was going on.

It looked like the horse had been trained for such an occasion as it simply lowered its head to see what was happening. That did not put Frenchie off from continuing to investigate.

The brave pup went as close as the leash would let her to give her new friend a kiss on the nose.

The little bulldog even did a twirl and a jump to celebrate the new friendship. As the new relationship unfolded, more and more people came to see Frenchie, and many started recording the pair getting to know each other.

Frenchie loved the attention and began playing with a little girl who had come to see what all the commotion was about.

The police horse kept its cool, but it was just as interested in Frenchie as the dog was in it. Eventually, Frenchie had to be escorted away by her owner, but not before the pup had made a new friend in the Big Apple.

Watch the newly formed friendship for yourself:

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