Frantic Labrador Begs Cop To Follow Him - A Bit Later, Both Are Heroes

It may sound cliche, but a dog truly is man's best friend. One special black labrador was recently credited with saving his owner's life in the most dramatic way. You must hear about this story to believe it!

It was a cold morning in Wisconsin when officer Jeff Gonzalez spotted the dog, John Boy, running alongside the quiet road all alone. With his suspicions on high alert, Gonzalez stopped the dog in an attempt to figure out what was going on.

Gonzalez could tell that the dog was nervous and upset by something because of his incessant barking and anxious behavior. The officer's instincts were spot on. As he followed John Boy down the road, the dog led Gonzalez right to a woman in need of serious medical attention right away.

John Boy's owner, Krystal, was lying slumped over on her front porch wearing only her pyjamas. The bitter cold temperatures had already caused her lips to turn blue. What Gonzalez did not know at the time was that Krystal suffered from a heart condition and that he arrived at the house just in the nick of time. 

Gonzalez immediately called for help and brought Krystal inside to the warm house. She had been outside for an hour before John Boy was able to flag down the officer. Krystal has recovered and was released from the hospital to meet Officer Gonzalez and to be reunited with her loving dog.

This video shows the tearful meeting.

You do not want to miss this touching moment. After you get the chance to watch it, be sure to spread the love to all of your friends and family. There is no doubt that both John Boy and Gonzalez need to be recognised for the real heroes that they are.