Four Singing Girls Impress Their Class With The Classic Song By Herman Hermits

The young women of GQ (Girls Quartet) freshened up an oldie but goodie to surprise their audience.

Although you would probably guess that girls their age are into pop music, these millennials have more fun with tunes from their grandparents' generation.

Their informal performance covers the 1965 classic by Herman Hermits, "I'm Into Something Good." In the 60's this song was a chart-topper in the US and the UK. Your grandparents probably loved it, and they may have passed the obsession on to their kids. Hearing four twenty-somethings singing it, however, is a pleasant surprise!

But this isn't the version of "I'm Into Something Good" you might remember. Not only do they look outside of their generation for the song, but these girls also revise it barbershop quartet style. GQ's version features a fantastic four-part harmony and foot-tapping swing.

Their enjoyment is infectious as they sway to the rhythm. As you watch, you'll hardly be able to keep from dancing right along with them! The best part comes at the end when they display their incredible vocal talents through prolonged high notes and a dramatic resolution to the harmony.

From the enthusiastic applause they receive, you can tell that their audience was stunned by the treat. This video reminds us of what makes a cappella so good! Whether you are a fan of a cappella or not, you'll be entertained by the joy and talent of GQ.

What do you think? Were you surprised by how good these girls are? If you liked this barbershop rendition of "I'm Into Something Good," make sure you pass it along to all your friends!