Four Siblings Were Going To Be Separated – Judge Sheds Tears When Couple Adopts All Of Them

Stories about families being broken up and siblings sent off to separate foster homes are unfortunately common. When four siblings in Kansas were facing a similar situation, they understandably were stressed and heartbroken. These four children, who range in age from 11 to 17 years old, were removed from their previous home because of abuse. They, unfortunately, had no other family members who would step in, so it seemed almost certain that they would be split up through the legal system.

At just the right moment, Eric and Phyllis entered the picture. This loving couple had been interested in taking in one or two foster children. They had only recently received their license to become foster parents, and they had also been approved for a possible adoption of a foster child. Soon after learning about their approval status, they were contacted about bringing the four siblings into their home.

At first, the couple was not interested in adopting all four children. They both had full-time jobs, and their home and cars were not ideal for raising such a large family.

"We were thinking one foster child at a time. Maybe two? We weren't thinking four at once," told Eric Watson Kansas city star .

However, they immediately saw how close the children’s bond was, and they knew that they could not break them apart. They spent only one night thinking things over before they decided to move forward with the adoption.

They walked through the adoption process quickly, and all four siblings and two adoptive parents were thrilled to finalize the adoption in court. The judge, Kathleen Sloan, was visibly emotional at the adoption hearing. At the hearing, she said that this is the best hearing that any judge in the country would ever have the chance to hear. She ended the hearing by asking all in attendance to applaud for the new family.

Eric and Phyllis happily made a few changes to accommodate their much larger family. This includes building the family a larger home so that everyone had ample space to feel comfortable and buying a vehicle that was larger enough for all of them.

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