Four Pairs Sleepily Stand On Stage And Steal The Show When Their Feet Start Moving

Aug 05, 2020 by apost team

Life hasn’t been kind enough to allow people to rewind back time and enjoy the good old days. It remains impossible to relive a great time in the past, technically.

However, one dance team's energetic performance might leave you nostalgic, taking you back to those good old times. Known as LA Shag, this team of four couples absolutely nailed their dance performance, taking the dance to new heights.

The performance happened to have taken place at Camp Hollywood National Jitterbug Championships. The team that goes by the name LA Shag donned old-fashioned attire and was set to give this breathtaking performance. Unlike most performances, the team made up of four couples doesn’t jump in, draining all its energy on the moves.

While reviving old school moves and dances might seem like the newest trend, classic dance styles still get some attention and fans from all across the nation. Firm enthusiasts go all the way to show off their skills through participating in competitions. Thanks to technology at such a time, these performances can be preserved in video form for future reference.

One such performance begins with the LA Shag members epitomizing what seems to be slumberland. An unaware audience might be getting worried by now about the idea of starting the set asleep, but don’t worry, the twists will excite you.

It’s time to rise and shine

Each one of the couples starts to rise from their sleep periodically, which gives rise to a remarkable Collegiate shag routine. Spoiler alert! Be ready to get a grasp of the team’s interchanging legs (16 to be exact) that are appealing to watch.

Listen to the music; it’s a vibe to catch!

Concentrating on what motivates the legs to move in great transition is some music. Listening to it attentively, you will notice a jazzy tune called San by The California Feetwarmers. You may mistake the song and trace its composition to ages ago, but The Feetwarmers from California is a musical group, all alive and passionate about hot jazz, stompy blues, and ragtime. The song lifts you in spirit and may even unconsciously have you tapping your foot right along with the songbirds.

The LA Shag team is a sight to see as they have remarkable and unmatched dancing skills. What’s even more impressive is the team’s ability to stay synchronized as a team throughout the performance.

The team’s moves are in quick succession, and without a doubt, only a handful of people can manage the energy to keep up with them. The site Collegiate Shag states that the dance moves witnessed in the performance can be traced back to the '30s, demanding a basic jumping routine and high-intensity footwork. One of the viewers commented:

“Wow… 10 seconds into this dance, and I would be on the floor! Bravo to all the dancers!”

The performance was a reflection on some of the viewers' younger days when they had the energy. It wasn’t necessarily wearing the old-fashioned attire, shoes, and hairstyle but the good old dancing moves. Another viewer stated:

“Great dancing–Reminds me of when we were teens,” while another wrote: “Oh to be young again…”

There’s no time to get bored in the routine:

You will find it hard batting an eye to miss a moment of the energy-filled, mixing, and matching moves from the LA Shag team. They have also incorporated a few humorous mini-sets within the dance, like one where the male members try to steal a kiss from their female counterparts only to receive a slap as a response. Another one has the dancers positioning themselves in two lines while hopping in large strides. One viewer commented:

“This is completely and totally awesome. And, it looks like such fun. Great job, dancers!!”

Loud applause can be heard among the audience as the team reaches the end of the performance. The audience is left intrigued, excited, and satisfied seeing how they go wild in the end. Camp Hollywood confirmed that the LA Shag team won a prize within the team category in 2014. It’s no wonder they can pull off such a performance with ease.

What do you think about this performance? Does it excite you? If it does, we are sure your friends would love to see some of this electrifying and mind-blowing performance from LA Shag.