Four Heroic Young Boys Save Neglected, Skinny Dog Who Was Tied Up With Bungee Cords

Jan 14, 2019 by apost team

Recently, four young boys from Detroit, Michigan put their hearts on display and saved an endangered dog.

The boys, named Kenny, Andrew, Kenneth, and Kevin were helping a woman move into her new home. The group of boys passed by a vacant house while working and saw a dog inside. The dog was severely underweight and someone had tied the animal with a bungee cord. 

The boys untied the dog. One of the boys took her to his home. They named the dog Sparkles. They fed the hungry dog bologna. The boy whose home Sparkle was taken to said she kept coming back for more and more of the bologna. He also said it was obvious Sparkles was happy to free from the abandoned house.

The boys called a local animal rescue group to come for Sparkles. When rescuers arrived, the boys had a lot of questions for them. It was obvious they were concerned with what would happen to the dog once taken away. Theresa Sumpter, of Detroit Pit Crew Rescue, said the boys were protective of Sparkle. 

The rescuers asked the four boys if they would call them if they ever encounter another animal in distress. The boys agreed immediately. Each of them said they would help as many dogs as they possibly could.

The boys said goodbye to their first rescued dog and Sparkles was taken to a veterinarian for an examination. The rescuers were worried Sparkle had mange but this turned out not to be the case. Sparkle then became acquainted with her new home. She loved her new surroundings and enjoyed rolling around in the grass. Sparkle is now fully integrated into her new home and family. The four boys who saved her have rescued two more dogs since this time.

Detroit Pit Rescue thanked the boys via a Facebook post for their efforts. Thanks to the four brothers there are a total of three dogs now in homes with great families. The Detroit Pit Rescue says they are proud of the boys for making the safety of dogs a priority in their neighborhood.

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