Foster Kid’s Reaction In the Courtroom After Being Officially Adopted Made Everybody Sobbing

Some people are just meant to be parents; they feel it in their bones that they have love and nurturing to provide. This was the case for Mandi and Tyler Palmer. Unfortunately, the Palmers were unable to get pregnant. After years of disappointments and interventions, the Palmers seemed to lose hope.

Her diagnosis of Crohn’s disease further discouraged them, although her doctors themselves never lost hope for her potential pregnancy. Mandi explained,


“They were still hopeful, but I realized quickly that I couldn’t gain weight. So I’m like, ‘how am I going to be able to carry a child?’”

However, the Palmer’s disappointment in their inability to conceive and carry a child to term soon turned into something positive. They started hearing more about fostering-to-adopt.

“We kept hearing the cry for foster parents in our area. So we talked about it and prayed about it and we signed up for the classes,” Mandi said. And their prayers were heard. Only a week after getting their license to foster-to-adopt, they received a phone call about their son, Hunter.

They then went through what Mandi calls “the roller coaster ride of foster care” for a year, never knowing how much longer they would be able to keep Hunter.

However, after much uncertainty, they were finally able to legally claim Hunter as their own, and they had a date at the courthouse to make it all real. Mandi describes the day as having a lot of positive emotional charge, which they were happy to share with the family and friends with them at the courthouse.

The day will be forever impressed upon her and her husband’s memory, with the highlight coming right after the judge announced Hunter’s new last name, Palmer. Their Hunter was now officially thier own legal child, and Hunter immediately christened the event by loudly yelling out “Dad!” to Tyler. Even as a toddler, Hunter seemed to acknowledge the momentous occasion.

Little Hunter “just started clapping and everybody just started crying,” explained Mandi. It was a moment that none of them will ever forget. Even though the Palmers were initially unsure about fostering, Mandi feels confident that this was God’s plan, telling People, “We prayed on it, and we just felt like God pushed us to do it.” Now the Palmers are a real family, sharing their name and their love, a true testament to love and answered prayers.

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