Fortunate Woman Finds Dozens Of Pearls After Cracking Open Giant Clam

Jan 14, 2020

Pearls are produced by shellfish like clams, mussels, and oysters. They develop due to a process that occurs when an irritant like a food particle or some other foreign substance gets trapped in the shell. The woman in this video, looking only perhaps for a meal, ended up finding dozens of pearls.

Clams, for some reason, are less likely to produce pearls than are oysters. Several years ago, however, a woman found a large black clam and decided to try to open it. Doing so proved to be difficult, and she had to use a butcher knife to force the clam open. After she successfully opened the clam, she was surprised to find a round, white pearl inside.

Naturally-produced pearls often have an irregular shape, unlike the perfect spheres seen in cultured pearls. While many pearls are white, they can come in other colors like black, blue, green, gray, and red.

She was even more startled to see the outlines of what looked like more pearls behind the clam’s flesh; most people find only one pearl in an oyster or clam. Curious, she reached inside the clam and found they were indeed pearls. In the end, she found dozens of pearls – enough to string a necklace.

A Robin Deepthi, who apparently knew the woman, was on hand to film a video of the woman opening her clam and making her discovery, posting it to her Youtube channel.

At least this woman found the pearls before putting anything in her mouth. A few years ago, a woman was enjoying an oyster dinner at a restaurant in Franklin, Tennessee. She bit down on something hard and spat out a pearl. She examined her oyster more cautiously and ended up finding a grand total of 50 pearls, reports ABC News.

What would you have done had you made this discovery? Have you ever found a pearl in an oyster or clam? Please post your comments in the box below.