Former Model Is Bit In The Face By Dog She Patted, Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery

Aug 27, 2018 by apost team

Dogs are considered man's best friend because of their loyalty and faithfulness. While they can be incredibly cute at times, dogs can also be fierce and dangerous. In this stunning video, one dog bites a woman viciously when she tries to pet it. This dog bite occurred at a restaurant in Colorado.

The victim was a former model who just wanted to pet the cute dog. Afterward, the model had to have cosmetic surgery. 

After the shocking event, police released surveillance footage about the attack to find out who the dog's owner was. In the surveillance footage, the dog's owner can be seen fleeing from the restaurant a few seconds after the terrible incident occurred. This disaster happened at the Rockabillies Bar and Grill in Arvada, Colorado.

In the footage, a husky is seen wandering around the outdoor patio. As it approaches the diners, the dog stops to have its head scratched

Before the dog bit her, the woman got closer to the husky to pat its head. As she leaned toward the dog, it attacked, jumping at her face and biting her. The husky's owner was only a couple of feet away from the woman when the dog attacked. In the video, the owner can be seen rushing forward to make sure that the woman is alright. When the other restaurant patrons rushed forward to help, the owner started to slowly slip away. She collected her belongings and fled from the restaurant with her husky.

The woman was immediately rushed to the hospital because of her injuries.

According to the police reports, she had massive injuries to her eyes. She ended up having cosmetic surgery to repair the damage to her face. Thankfully, the doctors believe that the former model will regain all of her vision once she has healed completely. The woman's biggest concern was about whether the dog had rabies or not.

Right now, the police are still looking for the dog and its owner to test it for rabies. In the meantime, the woman is getting a rabies shot just to be safe. 

If you want to help police catch the dog and the dog's owner, spread the word about this story. With any luck, one of your friends might recognize the owner.