Former Gang Members And Drug Addicts Come Together To Pray For Police Officers In Middle Of Street

A group of former drug addicts and gang members are demonstrating that anyone can change and make a difference; the group first gathered in August 2018 in Stockton, California, to spread the gospel. Many people who are incarcerated or reach the lowest points of their lives only find true forgiveness and salvation when they discover the Bible.

The men were members of the Victory Outreach Church of Stockton, which was established in 1985 to evangelize to the local community. The church particularly wanted to reach those who were considered outcasts of society, including gang members, drug addicts and people whose lives were wrought with pain and suffering, they believe there is hope in Christ for everyone.

The Power of Prayer

A group of gang members and addicts wandering the streets would alarm anyone, and it wasn't long before the group that set out to make a difference was being investigated by the police.

Local law enforcement was dispatched to respond to the group of what appeared to be thugs and criminals. Instead of being angry, one of the young men in the group asked officers if he could pray for them. The police obliged, and a prayer circle was formed that another member of Victory Outreach caught on camera.

It was an amazing moment, afterward, the officers thanked the group and let them continue with their prayers.

The video was shared on Instagram, and now, it's garnering greater attention online.

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