Football Coach Shows Off Skillful Moves After Team Learns He Was MC Hammer’s Backup Dancer

Jan 25, 2023 by apost team

Before he became a football coach, San Jose resident Alonzo “Zo” Carter was a backup dancer and choreographer for MC Hammer. In 2017, Carter became an internet sensation when a video of him dancing to “U Can't Touch This” by MC Hammer was posted to Twitter.

According to ESPN, as a mentor for countless student-athletes, Carter has trained young men in the sport of football for years. However, his athletic days didn’t start with the famous American sport; they started on the dance floor! Little did his crew of football players expect that their beloved coach had a history in the hip-hop industry.

Even if people aren’t familiar with Carter’s visage, they’re going to be familiar with his killer dance moves. Way back in 1989, Carter and some of his college pals tried out for a music video on a lark, as ESPN reported. The song they were going to perform in was the then-unknown hit “Let’s Get It Started” by MC Hammer! After displaying their prestigious skills, the crew was hired on the spot.

Once the summer started to draw to a close, Carter believed he’d be giving his short stint as a performer a rest while he returned to college to finish his degree and play football. However, MC Hammer was absolutely blowing up on the airwaves, so Carter had an important decision to make: would he go back to college, or would he continue on as MC Hammer’s permanent backup dancer?

The decision was all-too-easy for Carter to make; for the next three years, he would tour with the rapper’s group all over the world to perform in front of massive crowds. Carter has danced at the MTV Music Video Awards, the Grammys, the American Movie Awards, and even for Oprah Winfrey on her famous show.

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Despite his talent for shaking a mean leg on the dance floor, Carter couldn’t shake his love for football. Eventually, he left the group and made his way back to his old high school in Oakland, California, where he started to coach football and track.

Several decades later, Carter has become one of the most renowned and respected college football coaches. His new legacy doesn’t draw much attention to the talented man’s hip-hop past. However, during a training day in 2017, a familiar tune started jamming on from over the public announcement system on the football field.

Brent Brenna, head coach of the team, was tipped off about his assistant coach’s stellar past. Wanting to allow him to show off his moves for the team, he set up the entire spectacle for Carter to air his skills. Carter laughed about being “put on front street” by the coach and was more than happy to break out into dance for his team.

Carter dove into the rhythm without missing a single beat; those iconic dance moves he helped create for MC Hammer all those years ago were coming back to him as though he’d just finished rehearsing them yesterday. His players could not get enough of the coach’s relentlessly talented dancing. They hooted and cheered for their mentor while he kept busting it like the best of them on the football green.

Despite being choreographed well before the turn of the millennium, Carter still had the talent and ability of a man half his age. Without going to that audition in the first place, MC Hammer and his moves as we know them wouldn’t have even happened!

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