Focus On Giving Love To Yourself In 2019

2019 is the year of self-love. Unapologetic, deep, self-love. We are returning to our true selves, letting go of unrealistic standards, saying goodbye to toxic people, and ignoring our haters. This year we are rediscovering what it means to be human, taking control of our emotions by getting the help we need, and stepping out of our comfort zone to realize the dreams that anxiety and fear previously restrained us from.

Dear 2019, let's make this a year to remember.

This new year, remove negative people from your life. You can't grow if you are always being stepped on and deprived of loving sunlight and water. Block their number, unfollow them on social media, and stop feeling guilty for cutting them off. You deserve to be happy without carrying the weight of others' expectations and snide remarks.

This new year, pour your energy into the things you love most. Build relationships with great people. Pour your heart, soul, and passion into creative projects that fill you up mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Stop wasting your time worrying about trivial things and temporary people. Do more of what sets your soul on fire and far, far less of what drags you down. Life's too short to waste your f***s.

This new year, you need to become your own best friend. Get to know yourself intimately. What are your insecurities and triggers? The first step to becoming your own best friend is ditching the negative self-talk. This is the year that you will ease up on harsh self-judgment and treat yourself with the respect and kindness you deserve. Honor your inner and outer beauty. You don't need to look different. You just need to fall in love with the boundless beauty you already possess. Go out without makeup once in a while. Get a grip on your mental health and if you can't do it on your own, go to therapy!

This new year, celebrate the people who love you and value you. Love the people who have been there since the beginning, through thick and thin. Stop pining over unanswered texts, don't fret if you get ghosted, and stop wondering about what may have been with the one that got away. It's time to appreciate and focus on the people who respect you, love you, and genuinely want to be in your life. Weep not for paths untraveled.

This new year, take a giant leap out of your comfort zone. Stop settling. Make it your mission to live an extraordinary life that involves more than just paying the bills. Reach out to those in need. Do things that teach you about yourself and other people. Travel, take classes on topics you are interested in, just don't get stuck marching in place to the rhythm of a boring life. 2019 is the year of welcoming new experiences into our lives.

So, here's to 2019, the year of self-love, expansion, and freedom. Let's embrace it.

Are you going to embrace the upcoming year? Let us know if you're going to focus on loving yourself and be sure to pass this article on to spread some self-love!