Flight Attendant Gives Young Autistic Boy Tour of Plane To Distract Him From The Stress Of Flying

Sep 11, 2019 by apost team

Every parent knows the sinking feeling they get when they are doing everything they can to soothe their child, only to watch them become more and more upset. A mother who recently had this experience on her airline trip home is expressing gratitute after a flight attendant helped to soothe her distressed son.

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Sonja Redding is a mom from Omaha, Nebraska who had flown to see a specialist about her young son Xayvior's newly diagnosed case of Methylmalonic Acidemia, a digestive disorder that makes his body unable to break down many foods. The stress of the doctor visit and so many unfamiliar sights and sounds led her son, who is also autistic, to begin acting out on the plane according to ABC 10 News. 


Sensing her distress, flight attendant Amanda Amburgy stepped in to help. After Xayvior declined her offer of a pair of headphones so he could watch a movie, she made him an offer he simply could not refuse - a tour of the plane. An excited Xayvior went with Amanda to explore the cabin, leaving his frazzled mom Sonja to have a few peaceful moments to recover from a long day.

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Sonja posted pictures of a happy Xayvior being held by smiling flight attendant Amanda on social media to express how grateful she was for her selfless act of kindness. Although Amanda insists her impromptu tour was simply a part of her job saying to ABC 10, “We always want to keep the mood and the dynamic on the airplane good, so any way we can help, we try to do so […] It’s something that I would do for anyone on the plane because that’s what I’m here for.”

However, Sonja and thousands of commenters on social media feel she went above and beyond the call of duty.

Amanda has been touched by the outpouring of support she has received after her kind act and hopes that some of the attention created can raise awareness about autism and the rare digestive disorder that Xayvior is facing. 

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