Five Young Boys' Cover Of Musical Hit Gains Millions Of Views Overnight

Music lovers in the UK are anticipating the rise of the next great boy band. And many who are already familiar with the band will attest to the fact that they are abundantly blessed with both looks and talent.

In 2018, the five boys joined forces to audition for the popular television show 'Britain's Got Talent.' The boys go by the name Bring It North and the judges were awestruck by their performance. The group members include Toby McTurk, Max Ferguson, Felix Yates, Oscar Williams, and Harry Steel. Bring It North was eliminated in the semi-finals of the competition but that has not stopped the public from eagerly anticipating their future career.

The boys have captured the attention of internet users across the globe and one cover performed by the group has been enjoyed by close to a million people. While rehearsing for the competition, the boys recorded their own rendition of the song 'A Million Dreams' that became a hit as part of the musical 'The Greatest Showman.'

They chose to sing a different version of the song once they were on the show. However, the recorded version is a big hit with the hundreds of thousands of people who have listened to it online. The commenters online provided the boys with loads of encouragement. One satisfied viewer said they were looking forward to observing the great career 'Bring It North' is sure to have. Another commenter said the video of the boys performing 'A Million Dreams' gave them goosebumps.

One online admirer was able, to sum up all the affirmations received by the boys into one comment. The commenter complimented the boys on their harmonies and the uniqueness of their voices. The commenter urged the boys to continue down their special path and assured them success was theirs for the taking. 

The five pre-teen boys are a little taken aback by the amazing response to their talents both on the show and online. Fortunately for us, the videos of their performances online are there for us to enjoy again and again as we await the day they make their professional debut.

Are you now one of the many admirers of 'Bring It North?' Let us know in the comments and be sure to pass the video of their performance along to all music lovers out there. You are sure to put a smile on their faces.