Five-Year-Old Irish Girl Sings "You Are My Sunshine" To Great-Grandmother With Dementia

A great grandmother meets her great-granddaughter for the first time while suffering from dementia and receives the gift of her singing "You Are My Sunshine."

Many family members and friends may find it hard to visit their elderly loved ones in a nursing home or hospital, for one reason or another. Seeing a loved one in a certain state can be heartbreaking. However, one little girl's sweet song for her grandmother in a nursing home is an inspiration to all.

Sophie, a 5-year-old from Ireland, finally got the chance to meet her great grandmother for the first time according to ABC News. Sophie's family told the news station they were concerned that Sophie would be scared by the encounter. But Sophie embraced her Nana by hopping on the bed and beginning to sing her a song, "You Are My Sunshine."

Miller told ABC News, that Sophie's great-grandmother "has late-stage dementia and is partially blind...She was smiling, tried to sing along with Sophie." As Sophie sang, she lovingly began to stroke her great grandmother's hair.

Even though she couldn't express herself vocally, it was obvious that Sophie's nana enjoyed the gentle singing. After the video of Sophie's singing was posted to social media, it garnered over a million views. Miller also told ABC News

"The entire family is amazed, shocked and so proud of Sophie's video and the millions of shares, comments from people all over the world who have been touched by her." He continued saying, "Sophie started to sing on her own and we felt surprised and so proud. [We were] also delighted at the reaction of great nana,"

What a touching moment. What do you think about young Sophie singing to her great-grandmother? Tell us in the comments and be sure to pass this article along to your friends and family so they can see this as well.