Five-Year-Old Girl Belts Out Christian Song "Open The Eyes Of My Heart"

Many people believe that the greatest way to praise God is through song. It also says in the Bible that he listens to the little children; according to the Bible, we should all be pure of heart like a child. When you keep these things in mind, you begin to appreciate the significance of children's' choirs. Lily Detty, a five-year-old singer is part of The Detty Sisters, a musical group consisting of sisters that do renditions of gospel songs. She went solo in a video posted in May 2019 when she did a cover of  Open the Eyes of My Heart .

5-year-old Lily Detty is part of a musical family who sings songs to God. With her angelic voice, she did her rendition of Open the Eyes of My Heart. You don't have to be spiritual to feel that she means every word she is singing; her love for God is heartfelt and innocent.

She is part of an ensemble called The Detty Sisters. They loved to sing worship songs together at home and in church. One day they felt that God was calling them to use their talents elsewhere, to comfort other people. They started making videos of popular church music to help spread hope.

Whether or not you believe in God, you can't help being moved by the talent in these girls' voices. It's always remarkable to witness talent like Lily's at such a young age. Many of us wished we could have been famous singers at 5. Now, with the internet and youtube, you don't have to wait too long to be heard.

Many of us get stage fright singing for small crowds; we think it's very brave for Lily to use her voice and have it go viral! All good music has the potential to bring us peace. Perhaps, during this pandemic, we can learn to sing to ourselves. Art provides us with so many ways to get through rough times.

We could all learn to open the eyes of our hearts; that way, we could see with a child's innocence all the beauty that remains in the world. Our planet is recovering from rough times, but we need to have faith that one day we'll be able to live life like we used to, appreciating the little things more.

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