Elementary Schoolboy And His Shoelace Tying Technique

Oct 15, 2020 by apost team

In a busy world full of hectic lives, even blinking can cause you to miss a few events. As such, we often take for granted a few daily tasks that we perform before going to work or school. In our rush to get things done, we might not realize that there are multiple ways to perform even the simplest of tasks. Colten is a 5-year-old who has a clever new trick to tie shoelaces more easily, and his mom recorded the video to help other kids who may be struggling to perfect their shoe-tying method. 

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In one home video, five-year-old Colton pauses life for a second to tie his shoelaces a different way. Of course, it is a no brainer that there are multiple ways to tie shoelaces, but Colton has just demonstrated a lesser-known method.

The video begins with Colton sitting on the floor putting his Nike sneakers on. Children typically learn how to tie their own shoelaces between the ages of five to seven, according to Parents.com. Many of us may recall using the "bunny ears" method in tying our laces, which includes holding both laces in two loops.


In the video, Colton claims that he has a unique way of tying his shoes, brushes his hair to the side, and begins to demonstrate. It starts a bit shaky because Colton struggles to put his shoes on, as other children do. His laces are still tight, so his mother reminds him to loosen up the laces before putting them on.

He then demonstrates the new method and sticks both aglets (the plastic outer part of the shoelace) in the holes near the tongue of the shoes to create "bunny ears" on both sides. After crossing the "bunny ears," he ties them twice to create a double knot. When he is satisfied and thinks that the knot will not loose, he pulls the aglets out of the holes. When asked where he learned his, Colton claims that he learned this method from one of his friends, River.

Colton's mother hoped that the video would help other children who might have been struggling with tying their shoes, reports ABC 7.

The tutorial video has gained 93,000 views on Facebook, meaning that hundreds, and maybe lots of of adults worldwide have possibly attempted to tie their shoes using Colton's method. One viewer commented that they learned to tie their shoes using his method as a child. Because the method is rarely used, he was glad to know that other children used it as well.

If you have nothing to do or can spare a few moments of your busy lives, sit down and grab a shoe. Maybe Colton's method might help you, too!

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