Five-Year-Old Amputee Raises $1 Million With Charity Walk

Jun 30, 2020 by apost team

Tony Hudgell offers all of us the inspiration we need to go out and face our day, no matter what challenges life offers.

This remarkable young man had a rough start in life, but a new and loving family, terrific medical care, and some serious gumption has turned him from victim to survivor to hero.

Tony's Inspiration

In addition to getting the love and support of his new family, Tony Hudgell himself was inspired by Captain Tom Moore.

Captain Tom Moore is a World War II veteran who's recently been promoted to Colonel as a retiree. This 100-year-old retired soldier is used his 100th birthday to raise money for the British National Health Service. He accomplished this remarkable feat by walking around his garden, with the help of a walker, and getting money from sponsors for each lap he takes.

Tony's Decision

According to the BBC, when Tony saw Colonel Tom walk, he decided that he could walk, too. Doctors had warned his parents that, due to the abuse he suffered as an infant, there was a chance he would never walk, speak, or even survive for long. Despite this, Tony had other ideas about what he and his new legs could accomplish.

His early walks were done with a walking frame or walker. At the start of June 2020, he could barely take a step. As he got stronger and eventually switched to walking canes, but continued to struggle. Captain Tom showed Tony that walking was not only possible, but could help the hospital that helped him so much.

A Lesson to Carry On

Tony Hudgell's early life was rough enough to put his life at risk and cost him his legs. These struggles have not dampened his spirit in the least. Thanks to loving family members like his mom, Paula, and inspiring leaders such as Captain Tom, Tony has become an inspiring leader on his own at the age of six. His limitations can be our inspiration.

If you need a little hope in an uncertain time, enjoy and share this video. We could all use a good reason to celebrate the human spirit, and this little boy has plenty to share.