First Surviving Set Of Septuplets Born In USA Are 21-Years-Old And Thriving

Dec 05, 2019

Most of us are so used to being the only one in the family with that particular birthday that we get kind of fascinated with twins, triplets, and the multiple birth families that have even more babies at one time.

We feel for the moms and what they have to go through, bringing that many little boisterous lives into their family. We commiserate with the dads as they try to comprehend the work ahead of them!

One particular family that became famous in 1997 was the McCaughey family. Parents Bobbi and Kenny already had a young daughter when they learned they were carrying seven viable fetuses. The babies were born 9 weeks early. They have broken records by surviving both the difficult birth and then thriving right up to their 21st birthday. That's right: the McCaughey septuplets are 21 years old. That means everyone survived the teen years as well- even mom and dad!

Des Moines, Iowa had a population explosion that day in November of 1997. The community came together to offer babysitting, feeding, diaper changing, and other services. This was because the numbers were really stacked against Bobbi and Kenny.

There was no way they could take care of everyone all on their own.

For those who say it takes a village to raise a child, this was their big chance. Friends, family, neighbors, and people they'd never met before stepped forward to offer all kinds of assistance.

Various corporate interests got involved and provided much-needed baby, toddler, and childhood supplies. Hannibal-LaGrange University in Missouri offered scholarships for the family. Five of the septuplets are now attending the school. The others have chosen vocational and military pursuits.

Their progress has been followed by interested fans all over the world. The success of their story has built bridges for other families facing similar situations. We extend further congratulations to the McCaughey septuplets and to their older sister. Talk about teamwork!

If you've been following the McCaughey story all these years, let us know. You can let others find out the latest too. We bet that many of your friends will say, "Oh, them! I always wondered how they turned out."